Women Cycling Gift

This summer would be a great time to surprise your lady friend or loved one with a gift of fun & health. It doesn’t have to be a birthday, anniversary or special occasion at all. Let’s just surprise her just because. we have dazzled them with all kinds of gifts but now let’s give them a women cycling gift to bring joy and excitement to their heart.

Gift Of Adventure

Lately, I have noticed the increase in cycling citizens everywhere I turn. This weekend I witnessed a family of four cruising through the neighborhood on their bikes. It was so awesome. The kids looked really happy and proud to be riding with their parents.

And one thing I do know is that mothers love it when they see their children light up like what I saw as they were riding by.

So today I am going to share four bikes that will put a smile on the women who are going to be delighted to receive either one of the bikes as a gift. So take a look and decide which one will it be.

Huffy Women’s Granite Bike

This bike is a mountain bike for the women who like to tackle any terrain while they are riding. Built with a steel frame It is tough. It is a 15-speed bike with thumb shifters. I find thumb shifters really smooth. It has steel linear pull brakes and a quick release seat. The seat is padded with a quick release lever and the tires are knobby for the various terrain you might ride on. Its color is midnight purple with weather resistant tires. Very nice bike for a good price at Amazon or on Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site who has Amazon products.


Schwinn Wayfare Women’s Hybrid Bike

This bike is a hybrid which makes it ideal for commuting or recreational use. Schwinn is great with comfortability with this bike as it has a spring seat and made of a steel frame for durability. Its design is one of a retro urban look which is pretty stylish. It is a 7-speed with a Schwinn derailleur and stopped with alloy front and rear brakes. It comes with a rack and fenders on each wheel. The color is mint and this bike has a lifetime warranty. Great addition to the purchase of this bike. This one too is on Amazon or Ron’s Cycle Plus.


Huffy Women’s Alpine Bike

This bike is the same version of the above Huffy Granite bike except for a few things. It instead has 18-speeds and twist shifters. The color is a pool blue which is a beautiful color and will draw attention. The most obvious addition is that it comes with a suspension fork to absorb some of the bumps you encounter riding on the paved roads of the city. It to is designed to handle any terrain because it also has the knobby tires to handle those conditions. It also is available at a good price with Amazon and Ron’s Cycle Plus.


Northwoods Springdale women’s 21-speed Hybrid Bike

This bike as well is used as a commuter and riding around town bike for recreation. It is designed to have you in an upright riding position. It is made of a light aluminum frame accompanied by a rack & fenders. The seat is quick release and the stopping system consist of linear pull breaks. The color of this bike is white and will give you the ultimate gears with its Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. This is a beautiful bike with the white and tan lettering that makes it look quite attractive. Pick it up as well from Amazon or Ron’s Cycle Plus here on this site.


Tip: Below is a chart to help you decide what size bike will be appropriate for the size you are before trying to purchase a bike.

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Also, put her in riding style with some biking accessories at Ron’s Cycle Plus to go with the bicycle she already has or the bike you get for her as a gift. Join in with her this summer to show another side of bonding and having fun while grabbing some fitness as well.

Thanks for stopping in and make a good choice of the four bikes or view others on Ron’s Cycle Plus here on this site. Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section.


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8 thoughts on “Women Cycling Gift

    • Thanks, Greg and you are welcome. I bet she would enjoy it. It is a really nice looking bike and is reasonably priced. Do you have one already? Because I am sure she would love to ride around with you sometimes. Make her summer this year okay? Thanks for stopping in.

  1. Cycling is one of the sports I love!
    You have done an awesome job to give details one would require to gift a cycle to a female.

    Is there a similar post for men?

    • No, but it will be. I think it is a cool thing to do because most kids like riding bikes. And when their parents take the time to ride with them it makes them really happy. Plus it just makes s great gift. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Great review. Just when I was thinking what to give my wife for our 6th Anniversary, then your article popped up. It has been a while since we had a decent bike so this is a very opportune time to upgrade. I’ll definitely check out your recommendations =) Thanks again.


    • Glad I was able to give you some ideas for your wife. It sounds like bike riding isn’t new to you guys. Out of those four bikes, one should make her happy. I hope you guys get to get out and enjoy the outdoors together cycling. You have two choices. A mountain bike or a commuter bike. They both are excellent ones. Thanks for dropping in and when you decide just click on either one and it can be yours.

  3. WOW — what great information on bikes — I have wanted to start riding for a long time. I look forward to reading more about it and thanks for the expertise!

    • You are welcome anytime. you might as well join the bandwagon of cycling. It is not only fun but keeps your body thriving. I will be posting more good articles for you to get more information on.

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