Winter Cycling Jackets

When winter sets in some of us will still pedal our way from one point to another. But it is a lot better on us when we keep our bodies protected. There are a lot of winter cycling jackets available to you in many styles. So grab yourself a jacket or even a set to keep you warm this winter.

Why It Is Important to Wear The Proper Gear

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When cycling in the cold you have to protect your health as well as your skin. It is very important to stay dry and protected from the wind as much as possible. When winter cycling gear is made it is constructed with those two things in mind.

Protecting your skin keeps frostbite problems down. Not only that, it is just not pleasurable riding if you are cold and can’t get in your pedal groove. I know you warm up while pedaling but when it is cold you won’t really warm up as you should.

If you happen to hit a puddle or someone splashes you driving by you want to have on something that is water-resistant and won’t let moisture settle in because you will be experiencing another form of cold if you know what I mean. You won’t recover from that for the entire ride.

In short, the winter cycling gear will keep you warm & dry which are the two factors that keep you from falling to the cold weather of your region.

A Good Jacket Is of Good Use

There are many jackets you can consider. They are usually waterproof & thermal fleece. This means you will stay warm & dry as needed. You can also get these is pants & jacket combos. But I particularly like the Letook Winter Cycling Jacket. It comes in two different styles.

It not only is made of thermal fleece & windproof it also has some reflectivity from its logo and sewn in stripes for visibility. It also is plain-looking in which I like. Some people like bright colors which is cool but I like looking plain.

Have a look at the Letook Jacket by clicking on the image.

For some more options for winter cycling jackets have a look at eBay by clicking below.

For the more serious bike riders, I wanted to add this video. I am pretty much a recreational rider but if you ride long distances for the love of it here are some more tips to staying warm. You can find all the gear they are mentioning in our online store.


If you plan on cycling this winter make sure you dress accordingly. This means in warm & dry gear and also have the proper lighting for visibility. As far as visibility goes there is no limit to reflective wear or lighting.

You can find all your needs by visiting our online store at Rons Cycle Plus.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have wonderful times and adventures cycling this winter. If there are any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.


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