Winter Bike Riding Gear

Winter Bike Riding Gear
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There are some of us who will ride no matter what the weather is like. Is it crazy to ride in the winter? I don’t believe so, simply because of the passion or simply because it is your means of transportation. But in either case, having winter bike riding gear is a must.

Riding Safely In The Winter

Riding safely on a bicycle should always be in front of your mind everytime you mount up. This means making sure you have all the things necessary for winter riding. One of the most important things is to make sure you have good tires that are designed for riding in the snow to help prevent sliding all over the place when you have to make any kind of turn.

Another way to help out is to ride bike paths that are being plowed. One major concern is to make sure you will be visible to a motorist. I see too many people who ride without lighting and that can be very hazardous in snowy conditions just like when there is no daylight. I always stress this because I got hit twice last year and I had lights. So imagine if I did not. I might have got completely ran over.

A Good Bike Is A Plus

If it is at all possible to have a bike for the winter & one for the spring & fall, I say go for it. The winter elements can be tough on a bike and it would be a lot easier to make the transition from one season to the next. This way you can set each bike up to fit the situation such as the tires, lighting pedals and so forth.

Staying Warm Is Important
Winter Biking Family
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When it is cold, staying warm & dry is how you can ride and be comfortable during your commute. Everyone knows when your feet or hands get cold it makes the rest of your body miserable as well.

I took the liberty of taking a look at a couple of items that may be of interest to you if you are like me and will ride in the winter. Each one has a video review to help you determine if they are a product that will work for you.

A Couple Of Items For You

The first is the:

Louis Garneau Zero Degree LS-100 Bike Shoe

This shoe will help you keep your feet warm & most importantly dry because it has a waterproof membrane coated liner with foam insulation. It also helps with pedal slippage as it has SPD cleats that fit all major MTB pedals.

For safety, they have a reflective heel to make you visible in light snow. Check out the video below & click the link above to get yours today.

Because some people feel the cost $199.95 is more than what they want to pay, below is an alternative to keep your toes warm.

Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Shoe Cover

If you prefer to spend less this shoe covering is available for around $53.00. It will also help you to keep your feet warm & dry for those cold riding days. It is a soft shell fabric that provides a two-stage hook & loop closure for easy on and off applications. It also provides reflective for visibility. Once again, check out the video & click the link above to get yours today.

I hoped you enjoyed the products that I introduced you to in this article. Either of these products would make a great gift for the cycling enthusiast you know. So if you can’t use it for yourself think about someone who does ride in the winter. And then pass them one of these wonderful gifts.

For more cycling items please visit the online store at

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts as well. Thanks for visiting with us.




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