When States Tax Cyclist

A bicycle tax? This is probably something that makes you go hum! But because taxation does lead to certain goals, the idea was inevitable because of the increase in cyclist. When states tax cyclist it is for some good reasons although to some it may seem strange.

Taxes Have Their Reasons
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When you think about it, there are many people who use bikes to commute that would love to know that they can do so safely right?

Many cities are starting to add cyclist in their city building plans these days. The tax will help to get more changes done to the streets by adding bike paths and lanes to make it a safer ride for the cyclist which will encourage more people to start cycling.

This bicycle tax can be no more than another way to generate revenue as most taxes are but it will also help the cycling community if the funds are used correctly.

For The Love Of Cycling 

Cycling is a great thing. It is good for the individual health and also the environment. It can reduce the use of gasoline powered transportation and pull more people into getting fit.

There is only one state currently putting this concept into its transportation package and that is the State of Oregon. Oregon has one of the largest cycling communities in the United States.

Me personally, If I lived in Oregon or if it were to happen in my state it would not bother me not one bit to be taxed for cycling as long as the money was spent to help out the cycling community.

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I understand that with proper funding the cycling community would benefit from it because of the increase in safety which will, in turn, attract more cyclist as they will feel a little more comfortable amongst the traffic. This will achieve healthier people and a healthier environment.

Thanks for visiting and I really hope you enjoyed this post. It would be great if you would share your thoughts or questions on the matter in the comments section below. Some would agree to the topic and others not. How do you stand on the subject?


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4 thoughts on “When States Tax Cyclist

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    I have thought about this before. I do believe that cyclists should be taxed. After all they are using the road like any other motorist.

    I don’t know how much tax that they would need to pay or how you would enforce it. Cyclists would probably need to have registration plates so that the law can do their checks.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future about this.

    • It is something to think about. I understand they are using a yearly tax proposal which is not very much. $15.00 a year is not much but we have to wonder will it rise after a few years.

  2. At first the idea of a bicycle tax can make you frustrated but you are so right if used correctly to make more improvements for cyclists, then this is a great idea.

    • I am a firm believer in if the roads are safe to ride on you enjoy the ride that much better. And more states will be able to help out cities that want to add bike paths and bike lanes to their building plans.

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