What Side Of The Street Do I Ride A Bike?

When you think about riding a bike on the roads with automobiles, there is really one logical answer. It is a pretty good idea riding to the far right of the road. This will give other vehicles riding alongside you to go around you safely since they are the faster vehicle. Keep in mind that most states require that you ride as far to the right as you can. In return, they require the driver to give you 2 to 4 feet to your left when passing you. This does vary from state to state. So wherever you are riding find out the rules of the road for you as a bike rider and the operators of automobiles.

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State Bicycle Manuals – How Can I Receive One?

Each state has manuals that you can refer to when you have questions on cycling in your state of residence.  These State Bicycle Manuals are accessible online. It is good to know what they have to say about the laws since you are responsible for obeying them the same as an automobile driver has to while you operating a vehicle on the roads. But because the bicycle is of a different nature than the automobile, some regulations may not apply. We all must agree that traffic laws are in place for the safety of both the bike rider and the automobile driver. So where others may not take the time to find out how and where they should ride, let us do our part in keeping the roads as safe as possible.

Taking Heed To Traffic Control Signs As Well
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Riding on the right side of the street is excellent but paying attention to all rules go hand in hand. Traffic control signs play a big role in motorist safety. As we know there are pictured traffic control signs as well as traffic signal control devices. They are pretty much universal everywhere we go. They are like our first line of defense to keeping everyone safe on their everyday commutes. Please, always pay attention to these devices because they are only there to possibly save our lives.

What Can I Do To Ride A Bike A Bike Safely?

  • One important measure is to always ride with the flow of traffic. this will help prevent head-on collisions with vehicles. Riding into traffic actually, increases the risk of serious injury or death.
  • When changing lanes or turning, it is a very good idea to let the people behind you know your actions. There are plenty of lighting systems that you can purchase to perform these functions. If you have no light system you can use hand signals as shown.
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  • When riding at night it would be detrimental not to have some sort of lights in place. In fact, it is in the biking manuals that you have them. People don’t really understand how hard it is to see a person on a bike in the middle of traffic let alone at night.
  • Make sure your bike is functional and you are utilizing it properly. The seat needs to be permanent and no more other than the number of people in which it was designed to accommodate. The brakes should be functioning properly so that you can make a quick stop if necessary.
  • Don’t ride with anything that will prevent you from having at least one hand on the handlebars. This is a major control issue if something was to happen in a split second. and never try to be pulled by another vehicle. Believe me, it has crossed many of people’s mind. Even if it was just in having fun.

Do yourself a big favor if you ride on roads with your bike.  Follow all the safety rules, don’t horseplay, make sure your bike is operational and make sure you have the proper lighting installed on your bike. Because believe me it is always that one time you get caught out there when it gets dark. It is too easy to purchase them and be more safe than sorry. Click here to purchase safety lights or go wherever you see fit. But by all means, don’t fail to get them. I just want everybody to safely Keep On Pedaling!

Thank you for visiting and I welcome all comments and questions. As a fellow bike rider, we can all benefit from what each other has to say. There is a section on the bottom in which you can voice yourself. Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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