What Kind Of Bike For Me – How Do I Choose?

A lot of times we start off riding a bike it is for the fun of it. And at this point, the benefits might not seem not come into play for us. Then if we ask ourselves why am I riding, and the answer would be because it is fun. That is not a bad thing though because fun is what keeps us riding. But let’s take that thought to another level. For instance: How and where am I going to have this fun? This is where we start to consider what kind of bike is for me.

Different Bike Types – What’s Your Pleasure?
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There are many types of bikes ranging from racing to tandem. It all depends on what you want to do. For the average everyday rider, it really depends on what you want to do. There are two choices that come to mind looking at the bicycle community around me. The mountain bike and the road bike are what I see on the regular basis. Most average riders are not putting forth the effort to be a skilled rider. A racer or a mountain rider takes much training and expertise that the average rider isn’t training for. But if your goals include working towards being a skilled rider that is wonderful. My hats off to you. Either way, you have to determine what bike accommodates your needs. This simply is why you have to determine how are you going to utilize your bike.

Road Bike vs Mountain Bikes
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Mountain bikes are designed to handle the rough ride while road bikes are designed to for flat terrains or roads. A mountain bike can handle can be ridden as a road bike because it will help with the rough roads encountered in the majority of cities. But you cannot take a road bike onto the rough terrain of a mountain bike trail and think it will be a fun ride. In this case, the mountain bike can be considered a riders choice when it comes to road riding which makes it the all around bike. But if it’s speed you want then the road bike is the way to go. Mountain bikes have the suspension that the road bike doesn’t have but it steals from efficient pedaling. In turn, the road bike may not have the suspension but it doesn’t take the exertion it takes to gain momentum on a mountain bike.

Comparing Quality And Price

This decision is directly proportional to the economic situation of the rider in my opinion. I feel that the more expensive a bike is, doesn’t always mean it is the better bike. There are times that the most expensive bike has its perks. Maybe the warranties or perhaps the prestigious feeling one may have. But there are low-end market bikes that will suffice. I invite you to visit the review located on this site that covers a couple of nice bikes that I’m sure will provide a wonderful biking experience. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this site has given you something to weigh out on your next bicycle purchase. Feel free to leave comments below. You might shed some light on the topic that will help the next visitor.

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8 thoughts on “What Kind Of Bike For Me – How Do I Choose?

  1. Hi there! I haven’t ridden a bike for a long time since I moved here in up North(Scandinavia). It’s great to come across this article. Though it’s not pretty clear to me yet which kind of bike is more suitable for me this time. Winter is approaching here in my place, I am not sure if a plain mountain will do, or should I just choose a road bike, I think though that I might need to change the tires? hihi anyway, I hope to see some bike accessories soon in this site too. Thank you!

    • Yes,the winter can be a challenge. I do ride in the winter myself as long as there are no icy roads to deal with. I think you are right about the tires though. You want to try the most open tread tire as possible. To be honest with you regular mountain bike tires work just fine. But don’t let it discourage you from getting in the saddle. And yes, there will be bikes and accessories to help you make a decision. Just drop by from time to time and I hope I can help. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I agree with you hands down on the price versus what you get in return. when I was growing up. I lived in the city, and stingray bicycles were all the craze back then. The goose-neck handlebars and banana seat with knobby tires and high sissy bar. Yes I put many miles on this kind of bike. These were years before mountain bikes of today were built. I don’t think my son would have ridden a stingray bike to save his life. His passion was the mountain bike, the more expensive the better.
    I am thinking about purchasing a bike again but not sure which type to get, the road bike or the mountain bike. Do they all have 15 speeds today?

    • Yes, I remember those old school bikes. I actually had one with the banana seat. It was my first bike. And yes they do still have 15-speed bikes on the market. I care for the 21-speed bike myself. But when you purchase your next bike think about how you are going to ride it and your decision won’t be far away from what you need. Thanks for visiting.

  3. WOW…great info about bikes. My husband is an avid biker and I will suggest your site to him. I am a novice in this world, but I found the reading very ‘user-friendly’. Thank you for making us ‘laymen/women’ understand your world better!

    • You are very welcome. I’m sure he will relate because it is very pleasurable to all that rides. But you just keep on pedaling and you to will start to love that two wheel buddy as much as any of us. Thanks for visiting.

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