What About Tour Cycling?

Tour cycling may intimidate the average bike rider because of not knowing what to expect or even if they can accomplish a ride of such distance. You can make your bike tour as short as long as you desire. The key is knowing your limits.

In this post, we will touch on a few things pertaining to what to know about tour cycling along with more informative links on tour riding to give you more insight on the subject.

Can Anyone Bike Tour?
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Yes, anyone with the physical ability and desire to tour can. You may decide to go solo, with a tour operator or with friends or family.

It is not wrong to say that adults as old as 70 years of age or children in their teens have bicycle toured across America or in other countries as well.

Can I Personally Do It?

Sure, anyone who desires to do anything can if they follow their passion towards whatever it is they may have in their mind.

You don’t have to be a triathlon athlete to do this. You just need to train a little bit to get your body conditioned to handle a tour ride. But that is what makes it all worthwhile. You set out to do something, you prepare for it and when it is all said and done, the great sense of accomplishment goes hand in hand with the thrill of the ride.

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A good idea is to ride a daily distance to strengthen your body adding a little travel weight as if you were hauling whatever you plan on riding with. Try to make these rides, if not the same distance, longer so your body gradually gets stronger and accustomed to the ride. Click Here for more information.

As with any training, it is a good to know how to get your body ready to take on the physical side of training with stretching and warming up. Click Here for great information.

What Kind of Bike & Where To Ride?

You can actually use many types of bikes for bicycle touring. So it will boil down to personal preference. But keep in mind that durability, a comfortable riding position and low gears for climbing is what is important.

You can have a bike customized if need be but a road racing bike is not recommended because of the durability needed. There are some people out of preference that will use a customized road race bike, however. Click Here if you want some help on choosing a good touring bike.

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You can take your pick on where to ride because there are many touring networks available to choose from. That is the good part about touring. It gives you a great opportunity for some great adventures in different parts of the world if you choose to venture out. Click Here for a good example.

What Extras Are Needed? 

When you are touring you must prepare yourself to carry your needs along. There are bike panniers (commuter bags) which are luggage bags that are attached to your bike or commuter trailers which come one or two-wheeled that easily attaches to your bike as well.

Then you have your lodging to consider at night if you are on a long tour. There is a choice of camping or lodging at a hotel. This is going to depend on the individual because there are a lot of people who enjoy outdoor camping and some who cannot handle sleeping outdoors.

Bike Touring Blueprint

For your added information, I am going to direct you to an established bike tourist, Darren Alff, who is going to provide you with all you need to know to accomplish your cycling tour without worry.  So Click Here and get all the details you need for a successful bike tour.

Below is a video of some tourist enjoying their trip.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope that I have provided some valuable information to get you out there on a bike tour of a lifetime. Please leave any questions or comments below.



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6 thoughts on “What About Tour Cycling?

  1. Hey Ron, great info on cycling. Believe it or not my mother in law, close to 60 yrs old now, loves cycling. But we worry so much…. would love to hear some more safety advice on cycling… she had an accident last year, pretty bad, but she won’t quit! Lol, she loves it too much!

    • I can relate. I am 57 years of age and I still love to ride. I have been hit twice this year and it won’t stop me either. I recently did a post to put the thought of courtesy out there for all involved in traffic. Click here to view it. I think it will help reduce the chances of accidents if we all would just be courteous to one another.

  2. Loved this article! Although I’ve not been on a bike in years … I do have the interest, do you have any specific information on which bikes are best for this type of thing? Maybe even for beginners?

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