Tommaso Imola Black Friday – Best Black Friday Bicycle Deal

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking for a great deal on bikes. But a great deal isn’t anything unless it is backed by a great quality product. The Tommaso Imola bike is both a great deal accompanied by a great quality product that has its perks.

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Shimano Claris Shifters, Derailleurs & Cassette
  • Shimano Claris Brakes
  • Shimano Claris Triple Crankshaft
  • Compact Frame Geometry & Ultra Compact Handlebars
  • Lifetime Frame & Fork Warranty

The Tommaso Imola was upgraded for the year 2016 to make it the best value road bike thus far. It is equipped with a full Shimano Claris Groupset. This gives you the maximum performance of gear shifting and braking. Which will allow you to climb hills beautifully and brake quickly when needed. It has the Shimano Crank System because any other just won’t stack up. All this is placed in a shaped tubing & frame design to produce a light but powerful way to ride comfortably.

With its 24 speeds, it supplies power and great performance wherever your riding pleasure takes you. Nothing is more important than a comfortable ride so the saddle is a WTB Volt Saddle which WTB is one of the best saddle makers in the industry. The WTB Volt Saddle will provide you with all-day comfort and performance.

This bike is available at Ron’s Cycle Plus (page 6 in bikes and accessories) right here on this site. If you would like to experience an ultimate bike riding experience just visit Ron’s Cycle plus for the Tommaso Imola Bike and other bike accessories or click here on this link to purchase the Tommaso Imola.

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4 thoughts on “Tommaso Imola Black Friday – Best Black Friday Bicycle Deal

  1. I am not a bike rider but I know a person who would really like a bike like this. I will share this review with him. Thanks very much.

    • By all means do that. I’m sure he feels the same as I do when in the saddle. You should mount up a few times yourself and see how it will change your whole perspective about bike riding. Thanks for stopping in.

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