The Warmest Cycling Glove

If you are going to ride a bike in the cold the hands and the face are the things that get cold the easiest. And you want to protect them. I have gone through a few winters and it was important to me that my hands stayed as warm as they could. I looked into a pair that I believe will be the warmest cycling glove as well as an overall winter wear glove.

The Rigwarl Cold Weather Winter Glove
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I like this glove because of the way it is made. To me, one of the biggest factors is to keep the hands dry and block the wind from them. The glove is made with a laminated wind barrier which blocks frigid air that eventually makes your hand tingle after a while.

Everyone knows the reputation of 3M products right? Another factor to this glove is it has C40 3M Thinsulate for insulation. It is designed to trap in the warmth to help your hands stay warm. It also has rugged Armortex palm and thumb reinforcement in which the palm is layered to prevent bunching. This will help to hold handlebars. 

It also has a hook and loop closure for a snug fit with other garments as well as a touchscreen index finger. The material of the glove consists of 50% synthetic leather, 38% polyester and 12% fleece and has an unbelievable 12-month warranty. 

More Than A Cycling Glove
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The makeup of this glove will be good for many things. Anything that you can do out in the cold element this glove seems to be capable of handling. From outdoor sports to military outdoor workouts which are mentioned in the product description.

Click Here to get more information and others reviews and comments on this product. If you are going to have to ride a bike or do anything outdoors this winter you might want to consider these.

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10 thoughts on “The Warmest Cycling Glove

  1. This is a great website! I love that you’re writing about get fit and enjoying it! Much better than just working out in a gym. I like to go somewhere, see something beautiful, or at least accomplish something while I get exercise. Perfect!

    • Without it, it is hard to go steady with it for periods at a time. I think that is why a lot of people never stick to it because it gets repetitious and they lose interest. Cycling is one way you will always have a way to keep yourself pedaling and staying fit. If you ride to commute you will never have to worry about not getting it in and that along is fun to me.

  2. Hey Ronnie

    I know this review helps plenty of people because it’s important to keep active–even in cold climates. People need to go out and smell fresh air, so what if it’s a little chilly. This sounds like a great product that’ll help people get and stay fit.


    • Yes, and if you are going to go out in it, you want to be as comfortable as possible. I am from Chicago originally so I had to get used to being in the extreme cold. But if you got the right gear it is nowhere near as bad as one would think. And this glove will help keep those fingers from feeling the tingle so quickly.

  3. Thank you for this info. I jump back on my bike when it comes March, but even March in Michigan it is COLD. I haven’t found the right glove yet to combat this problem. I will look into getting these and letting you know how they turned out.

    • Okay. You are like me. I will ride in the winter unless it is icy or wet. But where you are March can still get you with a sharp brisk breeze and these gloves can definitely handle it. Good biking to you this year.

  4. I love riding my mountain bike any chance I get, so I know the importance of a quality riding glove Ronnie. The first time I ever fell off my bike was when I hit a slippery spot on the road and my first instinct was to put my hand out as I fell.The worst injury I got was the “road burn” on one of my hand that could have been prevented by better quality gloves.

    • Oh, I know the feeling. I got my knee like that once and it is a very worrisome scrape when that happens. Yes, you brought up a good point. That is the other advantage to wearing gloves. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is great site . Those look like a good gloves. Thanks for promoting bicycling. To bad cities are not set up for the cycling commuter.

    • Thanks. They are slowly but surely coming around. Cities like New York and Chicago has set aside a budget for bike paths and lanes to accommodate their cyclist communities. There is now some opposition to the idea from people who feel that the bike lanes are stealing from the present auto lanes. But I think it works towards the good for everyone. It helps reduce accidents and fatalities.

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