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E-bikes are very cool bikes to ride. You have many different versions of E-bikes from trikes to fat tired ones to mountain bikes to road bikes. Out of all that I have seen the bike featured in this post has got to be the smoothest electric bike that you probably have seen in my opinion. So keep reading and feast your eyes on it.

The Cafe Motorcycle Look Is Back

The cafe racer, so it was called, was developed in England by British motorcycle enthusiast that used the bikes for short and quick trips to and from different cafes. They were made with a distinctive ergonomic design which made them really cool looking racer type bikes.

Over the years these bikes evolved and the market for them got larger and manufacturers started to come up with all kinds of styles to them.

So why not make an E-bike with the same style and design of one of the coolest bikes ever made.


The T4B Greaser Retro-Style Electric Bike

This is the bike that will make you stand out and people will notice you and want to stop and ask you all about the bike. You will become the one with the coolest bike in the neighborhood. Remember the Fonz on Happy Days? Well, you will get that kind of cool points.

Take a look at this bike and tell me that you would not feel like you have gone back in time and if you wear a leather jacket you will really look smooth as you cruise around your area. 

The Description

Out of all the E-bikes that I have showcased on this site this bike will move the fastest at 35 mph on a full charge. And will give you an incredible range on one charge of 24 to 37 miles. This will let you cruise around for a while and catch many eyes as you go.

It will also fair comfortable to you since it has an extra large, extra cushioned dual spring seat for maximum comfort even on rough terrain. It also has super fat Kenda 26 inch tires to make the ride even smoother.

To let you know what is going on as far as speed and other information you will have an LCD 5-speed display equipped with a trip computer.

The frame is aluminum and tig welded for sturdiness. So this means that the bike is lightweight. The lighting consists of an extra large lamp that will give you great lighting and also contributes to the style of the bike.

There are also 8 different color schemes to chose from. Black, Black/Blue, Teal/White, Red/Black, Red/White, Green/Black, Green/White & Black/White.

The Power Of The Bike
Electric Motor Hub
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The motor on this bike is a 5oow geared brushless rear motor hub for strong propulsion. The battery is a Samsung 36v 13Ah lithium-ion battery that has a quick charge of 4 hours. It is also pedal assisted with a twelve magnet cadence sensor.

It has a twist throttle and a 18Ah controller. To maximize your pedal speed it comes with a Shimano 7-speed gear package. With this kind of speed, your breaks have got to hold up. That is why it is equipped with Tektro Hydraulic Auriga Hydraulic breaks (180mm front / 160mm rear).


So as you can see this is why I think this is the smoothest electric bike you can saddle up and cruise around your area on. The cost of this bike is 2,199.99 and the best place to get it is Amazon. There are other E-bikes you can have a look at if you go to our store by clicking on the ad below to the right that features more Amazon products.

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Thank you for visiting and I hope I introduced you to a bike that you thought was worth taking a look at. Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments in the comments section below. Or you can email me personally at

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