Setting Your Mind To Riding A Bike: Staying Engaged

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If we don’t mentally prepare ourselves for anything we do, chances are we won’t be dedicated to the cause. Furthermore, if we can’t dedicate ourselves to it that means we don’t really want to accomplish it.

Why You Should Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself is a great way to engage your mind into the ride every time you mount up on your bike. One day you might ride 1 mile and it hurts a little. Then the next time you challenge the pain. You decide to ride a little further or harder. Believe me, it gets easier with every challenge. That’s when you notice you have just cleared one hurdle.

Can You Complete This Challenge? 

While riding to work or just a route of your choice, put yourself up to this challenge. For two minutes ride hard then 2 minutes ride easy. Then 1 minute hard and 1 minute easy. Again for 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds easy.

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Bare down and ride 15 seconds in a sprint and 5 minutes easy. Bike riding coach Chris Carmichael who is a retired professional, suggest this for beginners. This challenge will increase your stamina as you are showing some athlete mental toughness. Keep in mind you don’t have to be an athlete to ride a bike.

Keeping It Enjoyable 

This might be the biggest key to making bike riding work out for anyone who is interested in simple bike riding. That is to change up your bike riding directions or route. This will provide different scenery as you ride instead of seeing the same thing every time. A very good means of keeping it interesting. As long as it stays fun and enjoyable, the rider will find it really easy to Keep on Pedaling.

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3 thoughts on “Setting Your Mind To Riding A Bike: Staying Engaged

  1. Hi Ronnie, what a great post! I typically like cycling out in a bike rather then sitting in a gym doing it, for the simple fact that it’s much better! You get a better scenery while getting the full feel of the outdoor atmosphere.

    I too agree with you when you said that putting your mind to something you can really dedicate to getting the job done. The mind is a powerful tool, so thanks for this.


  2. Hello Jordan-

    Once again, I found your post very interesting to read.

    I do like the reasons you point out for challenging ourselves. This does not just apply in bike riding but to anything else in life.

    If we do not challenge ourselves, then we do not learn what we are capable of.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

  3. Yes, there are a lot of ways depending on the individual to find a strong desire to keep riding. I try to touch on the things I went through when I first started to ride regularly. As you ride more there becomes many other reasons why you keep riding. It’s a wonderful thing.

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