Ibera Bicycle Commuter Bag Review – Transporting Made Easy

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Product: Ibera Pak Rak Quick-Release Commuter Bag

Price: $56.95

Dimensions: 15 X 7 X 6

Weight: 2.3 lbs.

Material: 1680D Nylon, ABS Base, Elastic, Plastic, Fabric, Reflective Stripes.

Guarantee: 30 Day Return Policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Cheapest Purchase: Amazon.com

The Ibera Bicycle Bag Review

Because some of us use our bicycle to commute from place to place, we want our ride to be comfortable and a most enjoyable ordeal. A lot of times we might have to haul along some personal items such as laptops, lunches, reading materials, etc. We find ourselves transporting personals more often than not. The Ibera Bike Bag is lightweight and has plenty of compartment space to accommodate your needs. It also has safety in mind with its highly reflective stripes and taillight hanger.

From Transporter Bag to Carrying Bag
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The Ibera Bike Bag has a quick release mechanism that makes it a breeze to convert it from transporter to carrier. It detaches within 3 seconds from the quick release designed rack. So if you are running a little late it won’t slow you down once you arrive at your destination. It can be carried by the hand handles or switch it to the shoulder strap. No need to leave it on the bike just take it wherever you go.


The Joy of Storage Space 

When cycling it is rather uncomfortable at times to ride with a back- pack. You really can’t fit much into it and to over stuff, it adds weight on your back which can call for an unpleasant ride. The Ibera Bike Bag will make it possible to carry small laptops, cycling gear or tools, books and many other personals with ease. The bag also has side and rear pockets along with a zippered pouch. It also comes with external bungee cords to securely carry bulky items as well.

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Other Accessories Available

The Ibera Bike Bag has an all-weather cover that can also be added to it. There is also a quick disconnect bike frame that is a perfect design for the bag. The rack is designed to hold up to 55 lbs. They both are sold separately and make a great trio combination. This makes the item an excellent addition to your bicycle.  I recommend that you turn your commutes to a very pleasurable experience by purchasing the Ibera Bike Bag combination. I hope this review gave you some insight on utilizing a travel bag on your bicycle. Feel free to leave any comments you might have below.

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