Real Cyclist Don’t Want A Motor

Are you the type who like the challenge of pedaling it out no matter the distance? What about the wind you clash with on those windy days? Well, these are a couple of things that make the battle of the ride worth it. The real fact of the matter is real cyclist don’t want a motor. It takes away from the feel of accomplishment at the end of the ride.

Inner Will Is Of Virtue
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A lot of people don’t look at what it takes to be an avid bike rider. There are days when your body says “not today” but you mount up anyway. Then there are the days when your body is fired up and ready to go. These days are the easiest and not necessarily easy. But when you choose to ride as a means of transportation, then you have to ride no matter what your body says.

To me, this takes and also builds character in a person. The ability to convince yourself that this is nothing every day and do it every week shows great mental strength. This kind of attitude has a way of affecting what you think about everything you have to encounter during a course of a day.

The Pleasure Principle  

I have been riding for about 3 years now and I must say that I get great pleasure out of successfully riding 7 to 10 miles a day going to and from work. My body feels good, I’m saving money and I’m giving the environment a much-needed break.

I have been riding the same paths so long that there are people who know about me but may not personally know me. Some wave and others respect my riding space on the streets. Just this alone amongst other things gives me a wonderful feeling inside being known as the dude on the bike who rides no matter what!

Give Me A Motor! No Way! 

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After you ride for a little while, having a motor carrying you will feel like cheating. I do have an e-bike but I use it to pull my trailer for my neighborhood lawn service. Don’t get me wrong, an e-bike can be fun because it gives you the speed you may not be able to get pedaling. But for me, the thrill is cranking out those blocks and feeling I’m on turbo at the end of the ride.


When it comes to using cycling for transportation, Be a real man or woman and dump the motor. You will become one with your bike and every block will become a conquest. Next thing you know you will feel like you haven’t worked hard at all to get where you are going. Plus you are getting fit as you go to and from your destination.

So grab your bike or buy a bike here, if you don’t have one, and leave the motor behind.

Thanks for visiting and take a couple of weeks to try riding to different places you frequent and feel your body start to like and want to ride more and more. Keep On Pedaling!


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14 thoughts on “Real Cyclist Don’t Want A Motor

  1. Riding my cycle is a great feeling! I really enjoy taking my cycle and going to work or to the city and doing my shopping there! The only problem is that here in Greece you won’t find many cities that have cycle paths and roads and it is a little bit difficult to do so! But it is worth it! Thank you for this great reading!
    Best wishes,

    • I know the feeling. I ride in traffic every day and we don’t have many paths here in Oklahoma City either. Now cities here is starting to accommodate bike riders a little more. Maybe they will start to realize that more and more people are starting to use bicycles as a mode of transportation than ever. Keep on pedaling sister.

  2. I got to say, I’m a car guy but recently got into exercising. For someone that doesn’t really like exercising, riding a bicycle is the lesser of those evils. This post motivated me to continue with riding because I can feel the difference between now and 3 months ago. I really do feel a lot better.

    • Exercise is a great thing. Our bodies are no more than a machine. If we don’t use it the rust sets in. Our body needs it to keep all the parts functioning at maximum performance. Otherwise, it will just work sluggishly. I would love to hear that you are enjoying riding as I do. If you don’t live too far from where you go every day, start riding there instead of driving. Soon it will become your mode of transportation to that location. Good luck.

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    What a truly inspirational post. I leave my bike in the garage all winter, but that will not happen next year. I have the luxury of working from home, but anytime I need to go into town I will be sure to ride my bike. It is fun and a great way to create that feeling of accomplishment every day. Thank you and happy riding!

    • This is the only way I can use getting some exercise without feeling like I am on a scheduled workout. Plus it is fun & exciting to me. I try to tell people just think about the little trips you make that are in riding distance and add in bike riding and you are giving your body some good exercise. It doesn’t take a lot to give your body what it needs to give it some sort of exercise that will benefit you in the long run.

  4. Great site images and great informative content.
    I used to ride a bike but that was when I was stationed in Japan when I was in the military and been thinking about getting back on a bike for some time now

    • The easiest way for you to start back up would be to start making using your bike on those little store runs and the next thing you know you will be making a lot of errands on it. I started using mine to go backward and forwards to work because I have to be there and if I chose to ride the bike it was no way I wouldn’t get some daily exercise. Now it is nothing for me to use it where ever I want to go. Start it and I promise you that it will become a routine. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Great information! I am a cyclist fan, actually, in the old days I was a BMX freestyler and the bike I had was a GT Pro-Performance. I miss those days! I miss the quarter pipe ramps, I miss my table tops. Nowadays I’m 42, Sometimes I visit some young guys, and I take their BMX for a ride..and they are surprised about the freestyle tricks I do.

    Lucky for me nowadays I live in Holland Amsterdam, and I enjoy my normal bicycle almost every day. I agree with you 100% saying: “My body feels good, I’m saving money and I’m giving the environment a much-needed break”.

    I think people should start thinking a little bit different, and start using their bikes more often, even in Holland, there are still people who take their cars just to go a few blocks away to buy something from a shop, instead of using their bicycle.

    Thank you for your valuable information about bicycles, great site!
    I will save the URL, and for sure I’ll be a returning visitor.

    • Thank you. I’m glad it was a great visit for you. It is good also to see that you still love to ride in any form. I am 57 and my daughter thinks it is great that I still ride as much as I do. Once you are into it just stays with you forever. Please do, visit again. I am honored.

  6. Hi Ronnie
    I really enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to it in a slightly different way. I love to exercise and go to the gym and I believe that the same mental attitude it takes to get up and exercise on a consistent basis is the same attitude one uses to ditch the motor and bike ride for transport.
    I actually contemplated cycling to work before but iv just never got around to actually doing it. Your post has motivated me to revisit that thought. Thanks again for the great post.

    • Thank you. It is good that you exercise in any form. A lot of people don’t understand that it will benefit you as you age. But I will tell you that if you take a couple of weeks and start riding to work, it will start a whole new routine for you. The good part is that you have to go to work so riding will just become part of your everyday routine. It will become something that you just do rather than you riding a bike. Thank you for visiting.

  7. Very nice article. I just hope that someday most of the people will realize the importance of using a bike. I just wish also that every government all over the world will encourage its people to use a bike and provide the cyclists a dedicated lane.

    • There are a lot of cities that are waking up to that fact. I think a lot more people would ride if they could feel safe doing so. Bike lanes help remove that fear a little bit. If the Government steps in and starts helping out with funding, many more cities would probably follow. That is a good point.

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