Perfect Campus Transportation

College expenses can make it hard for the average college student. Owning a car sometimes just won’t fit the budget. So let us look at a way to make commuting around to classes and other needed spots such as shopping or simply hanging out in the community less hurtful on the pocket. I’m sure you can stand to keep the expenses down, due to the pretty high cost of education these days right? Here goes one way to have the perfect campus transportation.

Would you rather walk or ride?

Walking can be good for you but sometimes the time factor comes into play if you have to be somewhere at a certain time and the distance is too great. I think it is great to walk. The body benefits from it for one. Also, it is a good time to let your mind relax and enjoy the surroundings and fresh air.

But sometimes you have a schedule to keep that walking won’t allow you to arrive on time because of the distance you have to travel. Or you are always barely on time which sometimes you don’t quite make it.

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Is walking the way you choose to get exercise & stay in shape?

That leads me to an inexpensive way to get the exercise you want but speeding up your travel time at the same time. I’m sure you would not mind having the both of best worlds especially if it is cost effective right?  Most people put it aside after childhood but it still has a purpose.

Why add expenses when you don’t have too?

I think going to college should not be something to stress a student out. There could be some stress factor due to the cost of tuition, books, rent, and food already. Why add another expense such as gas, insurance, and maintenance cost of driving a vehicle. I know it is nice to have a vehicle but there will be plenty of time for that later on.

Good Campus Transportation

Personally, I think the perfect mode of transportation for the college student who has a tight budget and can’t  live lavishly while attending college is… I’m sure you already know what it is but you probably have not considered it.

We are talking about the bicycle folks!

Just think about it. You might have to pay a little one-time amount of money to get a bicycle but there are no note payments that come with it. Also, the advantages in relation to your budget are all a big plus.

  • There is no insurance expense
  • There is no gas expense
  • There is little maintenance expense
  • And you can commute right in the heart of campus

As you can see this removes a lot of financial stress from the equation don’t you agree?

Bikes range from low-end to high-end cost which makes it affordable for the person with extra money and for the ones who don’t.

Transporting study materials & other items
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The great thing about having a bike is that bikes have accessories to make your bike safe, comfortable, and capable of upgrading it to make it fit your traveling needs. From lights to trailers it is easy to make your bike what you want it to be. If you just feel that you don’t like pedaling too much, there are E-bikes as well.

As far as carrying school materials, you can always add a commuter bag to make it easy for you rather than having the backpack strapped to you. Some of the bags are detachable and can double as a carry bag as well.

Then there are the times you might have to travel after the sun goes down and you will need to be visible. There is reflective wear for men and women as well as safety lighting, all to help keep you safe as you are riding.[poll id=”2″]


The important thing is that using a bicycle as your mode of transportation has a couple of good purposes. One, it helps you to get some daily exercise. Two, it takes some financial stress off of you like car-fare, gasoline, insurance payments, and maintenance cost that comes from owning an automobile. I’ve grown over the age of being in college and I still ride a bike to and from work every day if weather permits. I’m El Cheapo! LOL

Another thing is that to purchase a bike is relatively inexpensive and the accessories you need can be obtained reasonably as well. Take a look around at Ron’s Cycle Plus to see how affordable you can get around without the stress of finances as a result of it.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can see how a bicycle will help in accomplishing your educational goals while removing some financial stress. Please leave any comments or questions in the comments section because it always may interest the next reader. Also, sign up to have special prices on different products E-mailed to you in case you may want to purchase a bike or some accessories at a later date.

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14 thoughts on “Perfect Campus Transportation

  1. I was surfing the net this morning trying to find a cheap mode of transportation for my daughter that is going to be attending San Marcos University this fall to become a veterinarian. She is athletic and very health conscious, I think it is a really great idea! Plus no stress of insurance and parking for her to worry about! Now she just needs to pick one out? Maybe we will get it once we get there, she just needs to think about it now to pick which one she would like! Thank you so much for your post! You are a problem solver for me…. Thanks again! Debra

    • Very good. If she is already athletic then she will probably feel this is a great idea as well. She will have to decide on what type of bike will be best for her like if she wants a road bike or a mountain bike. Either way, she can make it as comfortable and compatible to how she will use it as she likes. You guys are welcome to make any purchase as you like on this site at Ron’s Cycle Plus because the prices are very affordable. Tell her good luck in school. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I absolutely love bike riding! There are so many benefits not only for the body but for the mind. It keeps you fit and keeps you having fun! Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Bike riding is fun and it keeps your body used to a physical workout. I try to encourage people to utilize biking as much and in as many ways that they can because it is beneficial as well. From getting in shape to cutting back on some expenses as well. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I have always walked instead of riding a bicycle but I can understand the benefits after reading your article. I still remember one time I drove to college but wasn’t able to find a car park, so it actually took longer at the end when I had to park a fair distance away and walk back. Cycling right into the heart of the campus would be much more convenient!

    • Daniel, you provided a good example to what I was saying about barely making it to class on time and sometimes not making it on time at all. And if you live in the dorms on campus a bike really is the way to go if you ask me. But like you said walking can get the job done. It just depends on the distances you must go. Thanks for your input Daniel and visiting as well.

  4. I use to ALWAYS bike when I was a kid, but I soon grew out of that quickly when I started driving, LOL. Although I use to walk all the time, everywhere and anywhere before I got my car. But ever since then, I haven’t touched walking shoes in years. Maybe I should get onto that, or cycling sounds even better since I can get to places faster.

    Thanks for the great article!

    • Well, Brandon all I can say is why not get back into the fit thing. Walking or riding a bike is good for you. I bet if you start doing either one your body will let you know it appreciates it. I don’t know about you but I have to have my workouts one way or the other or I just won’t feel right. I choose biking because it is low impact and my bones appreciate it. Jump into your walking and I am sure it won’t be long before you are ready to hop back on that bike again. Thanks for visiting Brandon.

  5. Hi Ronnie,
    Nice job! I’ve got a bike just sitting and collecting dust and it’s been so long since I rode regularly that I’ve kind of forgotten a lot of the essentials of taking it out and enjoying it. Your article and site in general should help a lot with that!

    While I’m not going to college, I have a son who will be before too long, and you’ve given some great advice here!

    Keep up the great work,


    • Thank you, Kevin. I was hoping when I wrote this it would also touch some parents of college students. It will also help out the expenses for the parent as well. The student will also get a way to free up some finances on their end and stay fit. It just seems to make sense to me because most of the time they are just going to classes and really don’t have to drive long distances for what they are doing while attending college. Thank you for visiting and you are welcome anytime.

  6. I totally agree with you, Ronnie. Cycling is totally underestimated as a means of transport. The Chinese and Japanese have used bicycles for decades. I think it’s not only a useful choice for college students, but if everyone use a bicycle as a means of transport more regularly, even if it is one day for the week, imagine how much carbon emissions will be reduced. Cycling also have a great impact on the environment. This could be a consideration for one of your articles.

    All the best


    • Yes, this is true. In fact, I am doing a lawn service and I use an Ebike to pull a trailer. That is part of my business approach to going green. I can see in the future where there will be more bike riders. The cities are starting to be more conscious about the biking communities they have living there. Where I am, which is Oklahoma City, they just painted their bike paths downtown and it is beautiful. Thank you for your input on the subject and most definitely thank you for visiting.

  7. You know I never really thought about using a bicycle when I was in college. I just took my car everywhere. It was though pretty expensive, what with fuel and keeping up the maintenance on the car.

    I wish I had invested in a bicycle. It would not only have been more economical that way but also would have kept me fit like you said.

    Thanks for sharing this post. It did inspire me to buy a bicycle and use it for any short trips that I have.

    • You are welcome. Riding is all in fun and sometimes a way to get away and relax the mind. It will do you well to get a bike and on the weekends ride around on short trips or even touring the city you live in. Include friends or family with the ride and you just made a joyful bonding moment. If you don’t work too far from where you live, ride to work instead of drive. I know I do. And I love it. Thanks for visiting.

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