Optional Bike Riding – A Few Ways To Enjoy Your Bike

Bike riding is not only good for your health but it provides a means of activity on a beautiful weekday or weekend. However, having fun on your bicycle isn’t limited to one day of the week. There are a few functions that are available any day of the week depending on your choice of activities. Whatever optional bike riding decision you make, you can pick the one that will give you the greatest satisfaction.

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Because bike riding offers so much pleasure, there is really not a boring moment spent on a bicycle. Some people can be totally content riding by themselves while others might prefer to ride with others because they like the bonding involved in it. Let us take a look at some of the options that are available for recreational bike riding.

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1) Solo Riding

The average person starts out riding by themselves. Once we get older and start riding for the enjoyment, it helps us recapture the childhood thrill of seeing all the things around us as we roll through neighborhoods, parks, city lakes & historical areas. It’s much like when a pony takes its first steps and then takes off running. Have you ever just wanted to escape from the house just to clear your mind? The solo rider will get on the saddle and enter his or her own world while listening to their breathing as the pedals spin. Thus, bringing that peaceful state of mind that only riding through the breeze can bring.

2) Local Club Rides

Club rides are a great way to do some socializing as well as feeling some comfort from the thought of being stranded somewhere alone if something should go wrong. Most club rides have a no drop policy which simply means no rider will be left behind. The rider is responsible for his or her own gear, food, and water. If your bike breaks down you are responsible for repairing it yourself although I’m sure someone will offer assistance if needed.  If the problem is to major you are responsible for providing your own way back. If you decide to join a club ride make sure you know if it is a race pace or training pace which won’t be as sociable or as slow as a regular recreational bike ride. The great thing is that it is open to the general public which means you don’t have to join or pay dues. There usually is a contact person to answer any questions pertaining to that particular club ride.

3) Event Ride
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These rides are larger and consist of longer ride times. They can have 200 to 2,000 riders and go over a few hours, or up to a week or more. A lot is included in this type of rides such as food, water, mechanical support and sag vehicles. These vehicles are there to pick up riders who for some reason can’t complete the trip. The organizers of these groups often supply T-shirts or some sort of memorabilia of the event. Because of all the support involved there usually is an entrance fee. Some of them are also done as fundraisers for a specific cause. Even though they can last up to a week, they include all the pampering mentioned earlier. The routes often have beautiful and historical scenery that will make the adventure that much more interesting.

4) Bicycle Touring

For a lot of cyclists, it is an honor to participate in these types of rides. It is probably a good idea to start with a 2 to 3-day tour to break yourself in. These types of rides are established by a point to point destination or a loop of roads. You will be required to carry your own gear including a tent or sleeping bag. If you are the adventurer type you will you most likely will prefer to camp along the way and go to a store to replenish your supplies as needed.

Choosing what is called the credit card tour involves purchasing on the go. This will allow you to not have to haul all the equipment but instead pay for your food and shelter as needed. That means you will utilize restaurants and hotels rather than roughing it which isn’t for everybody. It would be very wise to ride with people who are equally compared to you as far as speed and distance are concerned.

5) Simple Commuting
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For me, it is a pleasure just doing everyday commuting on my bike. I use it to go backward and forwards to work, the store or just a get-away ride around town. By the time I arrive to work in the mornings, I am charged up and ready to go. On the weekends I try to ride at least 6 to 8 miles on one of the days just for recreation while getting exercise and relaxing my mind. Commuting is the most common ride for the average bike rider. But no matter how you choose to ride, it is a positive thing for your health and a very pleasurable experience to involve yourself in. One thing is for sure, either type of recreational riding will definitely make it where you will Keep On Pedaling!

Thanks for stopping in please continue to check in from time to time. Feel free to leave any comments and questions at the bottom of the page. I would love to hear what you might have to say.

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2 thoughts on “Optional Bike Riding – A Few Ways To Enjoy Your Bike

  1. Didn’t realize the different ways to enjoy bike riding. I always just do it just for fun and with no real purpose. But I like the idea of the event rides and bicycling touring. You would have to be in shape to be able to ride for up to a week, it would be fun but I would not be fit enough for it. I would like to view the scenery though and camp at night.

    • Yeah, it can get quite challenging. but everybody has their own way of getting enjoyment out of it. But what you do is really fine. My whole thing is if you are going to ride, no matter how you ride, just have fun doing it. Your health will be rewarded at the same time. I enjoy getting on and just taking in the time and clearing my mind and finding that relax ride as I ride through different areas. I also think that we all should engage in a different kind of riding eventually but until then enjoy what you do. Thanks for visiting and you are welcome anytime.

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