Nothwoods Pomona Cruiser Bike Review

Northwoods Pomona Cruiser Bikes

Price: $149.00

Maker: Kent Bicycles

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Cheapest Purchase: Amazon

Size: 26 Inches

Gears: Shimano

Speed: 7 Speed

Color: Men’s – Blue/Silver or Gold  Womens – Mint Green/Silver or Pink


This is a very inexpensive way to enjoy riding in the city and commuting to your destinations. It is a very lightweight bike handcrafted with an aluminum dual suspension frame to give comfort by soaking up bumps on most uneven roads.

This is what you want when traveling around on city streets. It falls none short of other bikes out there on the market. It is also a way to get a quality ride at an affordable price. It doesn’t take an arm & a leg to get great biking pleasure.

Northwood Pomona Components

The Pomona comes in either a man or women style frame. Both with their own eye-catching paint job. All the parts used to make up this bike are lightweight in design. The wheels are alloy rims while the stem & the quick release seat clamp are of the same. Because of its lightweight, it provides a nimble & very agile ride.

The gears are a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur with a twist gear change system that makes up a durable drivetrain. Fit for making those uphill adjustments when needed.


Because of its price, and type of gear system, the Pomona bike will make a great bike to utilize riding around town to accomplish commuting or simply pleasure riding.

This is the perfect bike for the leisure rider who enjoys getting their workout on while traveling where they have in mind to go. Great for those family or group rides on weekend fun trips.

You can grab a man or women model by clicking here at Ron’s Cycle Plus. Don’t forget to grab all your biking accessories or needs as well while you are visiting.

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12 thoughts on “Nothwoods Pomona Cruiser Bike Review

  1. Hello Ronnie!

    Thanks for the review. Recently I was looking for a lightweight bike and thanks to you I believe that I found one. Before I set up my mind I’d like to ask you if are there any other similar lightweight bikes that you recommend. Thank you once again for your review!

    • There are many of them out there. It just depends on how deep you are into riding. If you are a casual rider like myself there are the Mongoose bikes and for more expensive bikes there are the Schwinn bikes that I would recommend. I have quite a few nice bikes if you would go to Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site. I hope that helped you out and thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi Ronnie

    Thank you for your review. Looks like a fairly comfortable bike.
    I was just wondering if this bike is suitable for off road riding? Would it be to flimsy do you think?


    • Great question. Your typical cruiser bike is more for leisure and joy riding. So you may ride it on off road riding but I don’t think it would perform as you would want it to. And because it isn’t designed for that it may not hold up as well. Thanks for asking.

  3. I was looking for a bike for my brother he really needs to lose some weight and I heard Pomona Cruiser before and it looks like a great choice for him.
    I also liked that It has handcrafted dual suspension frame.

    • Yes, it is a good bike for the price. I’m sure your brother would enjoy it. Let him know he can come here to buy it at Ron’s Cycle Plus. Maybe you two can go out riding together sometimes. That is how you can help him get into it and stick with it. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I love bikes, it has been a long time since I sold my last one and was thinking of buying a new one and your review makes me want to buy this cruiser bike because it is perfect for my needs.

    From what you have said, I am very sure that this one will not disappoint me but I am always afraid of the gears, I have never been able to make good use of cycle with gear system. What is your opinion on this? Is it easy to maintain?

    • Some gears can get pretty challenging. But you just get accustomed to them over time. It helps to have your bike tuned up periodically unless you are handy at that kind of thing yourself. This bike has twist shifters which you will get used to pretty quickly. The first step is to get, try it, and you will see it is not as bad as you think. Good concern.

    • No, it doesn’t. But it is easy to assemble. I haven’t heard any complaints about it being too difficult. But if some people are not good with their hands you might want to take it to your local bike shop for assistance. Good question.

  5. Hi Ronnie, I am not a cyclist but want to get a bike for a friend as a present. Would you recommend this bike for out of city areas as well as in the city?

    • If you are going to using it off road I would recommend you get a mountain bike. I ride a mountain bike in the city. But if I wanted to go off road it will be able to handle it a little bit. If you are trying not to spend too much you can try a Mongoose mountain bike which is relatively cheap. Or you guys look at the bikes in Ron’s Cycle Plus and see if there is one there for your liking. Thanks for asking & visiting.

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