Most Popular Bikes For 2017

As the season changes from cold to hot, we begin to gear up for the hot fun in the summertime. Vacations and gatherings start roaming through our minds. There are always things that are enjoyable due to the pleasant weather we encounter during the warm months. If you enjoy cycling as a summer fun function, here are some popular bikes for 2017.

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Bike Pleasure For The Summer

If you have read some of my earlier posts, you already know that I am a big believer in using your bikes to get out for fun in many ways. That brings me to find a bike that you will really enjoy riding. So take a look at these varieties of bikes below to help you achieve your 2017 summer fun.

Road Rider

This is for us who like to go with speed against pavements. This is why the road bike is referred to as speed machines or simply racers and their frames made of aluminum or carbon.

  • GMC Denali Road Bike
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Get into the breeze with the GMC Denali 700c 21-speed Road Bike. This bike has an aluminum frame which is lightweight. It is a beautiful bike with Vitesse racing rims that performs great for the road rider.

Stopping is concise with its alloy calipers and brake levers.

It is equipped with Shimano Revo shifters and derailleur for the drive train. This allows you to shift smoothly without removing your hands from the handlebars.

If you are pumping hard and need to stay hydrated, this bike comes with a water bottle rack make it easy for you to hydrate when the time comes.

Take advantage of this speed machine and feel the need for speed right here. Just click here or go to Ron’s Cycle Plus on this very site where you find the lowest prices.

Mountain Ride

For those of us who like the rugged but versatility of riding on and off road, this mountain bike will supply your needs with its excellent suspension.

  • Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike
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Handle the streets or jump on rough terrain and not miss a stroke with comfortability that isn’t compromised. Although this bike is rugged, it is still lightweight with its aluminum dual suspension. This makes for smooth absorption of bumps and ruts that you might run over.

The drivetrain consists of the 24 speed Shimano EZ Fire shifters and Shimano Altus rear derailleurs. Making it easy to go from one speed to the next.

Stopping is of the essence with the Promax front disc brakes and rear alloy linear pull breaks. So no need to worry about stopping.

The wheels are made sturdy for rough riding as they are double walled alloy rims that are light but strong.

Take your bike riding to another level and try another aspect of cycling as you will look like a seasoned mountain bike rider on this machine. Grab it right here. Just click here or go to Ron’s Cycle Plus here on this site as well where the prices are the best.

Tandem Glide Ride

Oh! This is the coolest way to join up with a partner and glide around catching all the eyes out there. Talking about bonding, this is the ultimate in bike riding.

  • Kent Northwood Tandem Bike
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Team up and watch the heads turn as you show teamwork viewing your riding area in perfect harmony as one. This bike is perfect for those who want to spend quality time with a loved one or good friend. You single folks buy one of these to impress a date and possibly start a long-term partnership.

The great thing about this bike is that it won’t kill your pockets to purchase it.

This bike is durable and of high quality with comfortability and style. The two saddles are of soft gel and extra wide for long distance pleasure. The tires are 2.1 inches to help get a smooth ride.

The drivetrain consists of the 21-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters.

Stopping the bike is efficient because of its alloy linear pull V brakes.

One of the other great features is its stand over height which is 29 inches in the front and 20 inches in the back that allows easy mounting for both riders.

With two riding one might get dehydrated faster than the other so there are two water bottle holders to accommodate each person. Because it is a larger bike, a heavy duty kickstand is added for those rest moments.

So pair up and take in the breeze and beauty together. Make the summer memorable by purchasing this team bike right here by clicking here or going to Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site where the prices don’t hurt.

Commuter Travel Ride – City Riders

If you like to use your bike for transportation almost everywhere, there are times you have to leave it unattended as you work or go inside somewhere to take care of some business. And the extensive riding calls for it to be as strong as an armored truck if you want it to hold up.

  • Fortified Theft Resistant 8 Speed Disk Brake City Commuter Bike
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When it comes to riding a lot, you want durability, comfortability, and reliability. The Fortified is made to be tough and reliable when riding in city conditions.

This bike has been featured on CNBC, FOX and the NPR. It is one of the most talked about anti-theft commuter bikes around. The wheels, seat, and handlebars are all anti-theft powered.

Because riding in the city streets could be hazardous, the bike comes equipped with white retro-reflectors that are on the sides to give high visibility.

We all know that a city street is not nice to any kind of tire. The tires on this bike are ready for all road conditions and are made with puncture resistant tires to deal with potholes and broken glass.

We also know that 10 speed or higher bikes have tuning issues which the 8 speeds are meant to reduce this problem giving it yet another aspect of durability.

To keep it lightweight it uses 6061 aluminum for the frame, rack & fender mount forks, and rack & fender mount handlebars.

For great gear shifting, the drive-train is made up really well using a Shimano Altus derailleur with a trigger thumb shift chain for smooth gear changes.

The breaking system holds it’s own using the Promax 15 degree 20 mm rise brakes & Tektro MD-200 mechanical disc brakes.

Theft is a major feature on this bike to protect your machine using KMC rust buster security bolts along with Fortified wheel locks.

All of this makes you wonder about putting this bike together after purchase right? No worries, it comes 80% assembled and anything you might need to do is available with the online assembly manual. Can’t beat that right?

So if you know in your heart this is a bike that will work for you, make your commuting days dependable, comfortable and protected by picking up this bike here by clicking here or once again going to Ron’s Cycle Plus where the prices are competitive.

Assisted Pedal Ride – E-bike Phenomenon

The new generation of bikes has an impact on some bike riders. If you are a new wave rider with your biking or simply rather ride with assistance on hills and long distances, then this is for you.

  • X-Treme Trail Maker High-Performance Electric Bike
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The Trail Maker is a great start-up for the new E-bike rider. It has a 300 watt rear motor hub along with top of the line components to ensure a good ride. The hub is powered by 7 lightweight lithium-ion batteries for a total of 24v in a sealed removable pack.

If you are just using the motor power, the bike can reach a speed of 20 mph. But it is also a pedal assist bike with 7 speeds. The drivetrain is made up of Shimano Tourney gears & shifter system as the pedal power.  It is capable of reaching 20 – 25 miles per charge. If you lose power you can still pedal your way to where you are going.

The electric controller is a variable speed twist throttle. Or you can choose the pedal plus power assisted key start which makes your choice to ride versatile.

Weight means a lot when it comes to performance on an E-bike. So the frame is 100% aluminum, very lightweight forks which are T7 hydraulic forks.

The brakes are a front and rear drive system and the electric system has a smart charging kit. There is a battery indicator also so you will never get caught not knowing how much juice you have left.

When dealing with the E-bike, warranties are important. This bike comes with a 90 day X-Treme warranty and a 6-month battery warranty.

Speed and ride time will vary according to the weight load you put on the ride.

But as a pound for pound fighter, this bike is very cost effective compared to the E-bikes on the market and is right up there with the heavyweights.

So if you feel you want to join in on the new wave bikers, grab yourself this E-bike here by clicking here or at the best-priced bikes at Ron’s Cycle Plus right here on this site.

I want to say thank you for visiting and taking the time out to read this post on the most popular bikes of 2017. If you have any comments or questions feel free to put them in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Most Popular Bikes For 2017

  1. With Spring just around the corner I beleive you’ve given me an idea on how my wife and I can burn off the winter fat. That tandem bike looks like just the ticket. Thanks for the great information.

    • Glad it gave you some ideas. You know if you guys get out on a bike like that and tour your area you will find it to be so fun. I wish I could get out there with you. I hope you get a chance to get the riding pleasures I get as I hit the wind. Thanks for visiting and I wish you plenty of fun this Spring.

    • I agree. But I believe in taking bike riding and making it enjoyable rather than turning into just another workout. Workouts can get repetitious and so routine that you usually start to lose interest at some point. Mixing it with pleasure not only becomes healthy but pleasurable at the same time. Don’t you agree?

  2. The assisted pedal bike is super cool! Does Ron’s cycle have any of those awesome pedal bikes with the fat tires? I think those are so cool looking, and I want my next bike to be one of those. From what I’ve seen though, they’re quite expensive

    • They are really nice for going a little bit past what your body can handle on its own. Where I am there is a lot of wind to sometimes wish you had one. Plus if you are riding big hills it is excellent for that also. The Fat tire bikes can be expensive but if you go to Ron’s Cycle Plus I have anything that you probably would want there. I work on getting the best prices to accommodate everyone. Make sure you look in when you are ready to purchase and maybe I will have something there for you. Thanks for visiting and keep checking.

  3. Great information about these bikes, since I am a frequent biker myself. I may consider purchasing a new 1 since my last bike just broke. Again thanks for the information.

    • Thank you William. If you do decide to purchase a new bike, take a look inside of Ron’s Cycle Plus. I’m sure you will find some competitive prices there as well as some good options on styles of bikes.

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