Is Biking To Work Safe?

Biking To Work
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With biking becoming more and more popular in terms of transportation, safety has become a major issue for those who travel on their bicycles amongst traffic. It saves on gas, public transportation cost and provides a mode of exercise for many. Is biking to work safe a fair question? It is one that everyone should consider.

I Did It For 2 Years

I use to get up early in the morning to take a 7-mile ride to and from work 5 days a week. While I was doing this I got in incredible shape. I started going to the gym after work which added about another 1.7 miles to my daily ride.

I rode amongst cars on streets without bike paths. Believe me, I was pretty uncomfortable every day of it. But I managed to get through both years without any accidents.

What is really strange is that I moved closer to my job which is about 3 miles riding distance. I did this for about 5 months. In those 5 months, I was hit twice. Nothing major but I did have to go to the hospital on one because the truck mirror hit me on my left side pretty good.

What State Am I In?
Me & Mongoose Bike
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I live in the State of Oklahoma and in the city of Oklahoma City. Little did I know that Oklahoma City is ranked as the deadliest city for people who ride their bikes to work. Click Here to see the report.

I would probably have second-guessed my decision to bike commute if I had known this. But for what it is worth I quite enjoyed it over time.

After I got hit I just kept on riding and kept trying to utilize ways to make my ride that much safer. I changed routes if cars were shaking me on one route.

Then I had to worry about the loose dogs. But I was in such good shape I would run their tongues out their mouth. Some would start to chase and realize it was worthless to continue and turn around.

So I can attest that this is the city where you will get chased a lot by dogs :).

My Verdict

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I think biking to work is not only good for you but fun. The problem is that many cities are not infrastructurally set up for cars and bikes to share the same road. A lot of cities are working hard to smooth the problem out.

But one thing I noticed was that a lot of people driving automobiles amongst bicycles are very courteous when they encounter you on a bike.

Some go over to the other lane and even slow down in some cases. Then there are the ones who just don’t care and will come so close to you that it is evident that they could care less or not if they bump you.

So is biking to work safe? I would say if everybody would respect each other’s space it would make it safer than it is. Mix that with cities adding infrastructure to their plans and it could become very safe.

But the one main thing is that we all have to do is respect each other out there on the roads to make it complete. And we all must always think about safety. From the vehicles, bikes, protective gear & clothing. All of these are important.

Bicycle Safety Gear
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If you are going to be riding your bike amongst traffic, please make sure you have all the safety equipment you need. From lighting, clothing, helmets & gloves and even googles. All of these things will help you do your part in making your town accident free from cycling versus car transportation incidents.

Thank you for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments leave them in the section below and I will respond within 24 hrs.

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