How To Ride A Bike With Traffic: Safety First

Because a bike is much smaller and weighs less than an automobile, it is pretty scary when riding in traffic. Because we can’t control what a driver might do, it is pretty important to be on the defensive at all times.

Ride With The Flow Of Traffic  

Wouldn’t you agree that it is far more dangerous to ride against the flow of traffic? It seems like it is better to see what’s coming towards you than behind you.

Ride to the right of the road
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I really believe that it startles drivers when they see a bicycle coming towards them. This alone can cause a panic situation that won’t work out well for anyone involved. Riding to the right of the road is the safest way in comparison.

Riding With The Same Thought Of Driving A Car

When driving a car you are responsible for following the rules of the road. The same applies while riding a bicycle down a road. Look at it this way, If there is a stop sign I don’t think it is wise to just ride right through it because you are on a bike and not a car. Obeying traffic signs help prepare another motorist for the actions you are doing in the presence of other vehicles.

Why Is It Important To Stay Alert? 

There are many things that can make you lose control of your bike such as cracks in the road, potholes, grates, railroad tracks and even big rocks. This could result in tragedy if there is a car on the side of you. Looking and listening is a must while making turns or lane changes. Using hand signals, if you don’t have a lighted system, is a strong way to help drivers know what you plan to do. Parked cars can be tricky as well. What if someone opens a door upright when you are riding by? This can very likely happen.

Riding In A Predictable Fashion

Where to ride a bike should be determined by how visible it will make you. Then you have to also be predictable in your actions.

traffic hand signals
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Stay to the right of the road and not in the middle of a lane. Don’t ride in and out of the cars. It is much safer to ride in a straight line. Use hand signals or a lighted system when turning and stopping. This will make motorist see you as another vehicle and respect the area you ride in.

Enjoy The Ride: Feeling Comfortable 

If we feel safe and confident that how we are riding is the proper way, it will lead to safe riding. Then we can enjoy the surroundings along with the ride. And isn’t that what it is all about? With that in mind: Keep on Pedaling!   

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14 thoughts on “How To Ride A Bike With Traffic: Safety First

  1. Hello Ron-

    Thank you for this informative post. While reading your post I got an idea of getting my spouse a bike on his birthday which is this month. We always talked about riding a bike but never done so because we sometimes felt that it is impossible to be safe. With this post I learned few things that will help out.

    Anyway, I have a question, do you recommend bike riders wear bicycle safety reflectors? Or it does not matter as long as what you highlight in your post are followed?

    Thank you

    • It’s good to wear but I would recommend using lighting equipment as well. More is always better. My belief is to be as visible as possible. For instance, I use a variety of flashing and constant light in mid dark times. It gets the attention of the drivers who might be driving in a zone or something. It will definitely wake them up.

  2. Howdy!

    I’ll be living in Italy starting on 25th of September, and EVERYONE uses bikes there. I’ll have to get one too, and i’m absolutely terrified about riding bikes there, since i’m not much of a biker!

    I’ll bookmark this post and check back often. I would love it if you wrote more on this topic, and how to get over that fear.

    Thank you!

    • Lol. I made a mistake by riding in semi darkness with no lights a long time ago. Needless to say I finally got clipped and I’m like you. I’ll never do that again. Now I look like a spaceship in mid dark.

    • My pleasure. As you do it the fear will gradually go away.You will get adjusted to your riding environment. I ride in heavy traffic everyday to and from work. Usually those kind of commutes have drivers who get use to seeing you. That brings some relief knowing that you are surrounded by drivers who respect that you are on a bike. Most of all enjoy it when you do start riding.

  3. You have a good handle on the bicycle issue Ron because bicycles are still considered vehicles. Much smaller, yes, than say a gasoline power motor vehicle, but yet a bicycle is a larger vehicle compared to a pedestrian. There are laws that all should obey.

    I remember as a child many years ago riding my stingray bike against the wind. The wind was strong and I was peddling as fast as i could, barely making progress. I was holding my head down not looking forward. All of a sudden I went BAM! Crash! Right into a parked car. lol I got up from the ground, looked around, then quickly sped away., never to make that mistake again.

  4. These are some great tips for staying safe when riding! Although it’s been a while for me, I’m hoping to start riding again soon. I have to admit, though, with the heavy traffic we get near our home, I’m a bit nervous about trying to keep safe. You’ve given me some good things to think about — thank you!

    • You are so welcome. It is scary out there but I try to do my part at following the rules. The cars are out of our control but we can certainly try to cut tragedy down to a bare minimum by doing our part. But in order for you to enjoy it you have to find what works for you. Try trail riding. you probably will feel more comfortable.

  5. I actually enjoy bike riding. First it was challenging body ache during and afterwards. As I got into the habit of riding it was less challenging and more enjoyable. I love riding downhills with breeze blowing on your body.

    • Absolutely. Everybody can find their own pleasure while riding. But you conquered what usually deter people from riding and that is the body aches. I’m proud of you.

  6. Hi Ron, this is a great post on bike safety. I am always telling my kids about the rules of the road on a bike. Where I live there is always bikes going up and down the highway on both sides, and let me tell you some of them could sure use a look at this site…some of them ride along like they are on a motorcycle and they own the road. Scares me. Again this is great information Thanks 🙂

    • I know. Some people just don’t realize that it is important to respect the road while you are riding. It’s bad enough that some of the drivers don’t. When you mix the two together you are just asking for trouble. Stay on your kids about it because it will help to keep them safe.

  7. Hi Ron this article is really useful and I thank you so much for this great information about riding a bike. I love riding a bike but I always scare to ride on the road. I had rather go on the park to do so. Your are doing a great job. Keep up your good work, very nice.


    • Thanks, Sophie. I’m sure a lot of people refrain from street riding because of fear. All we can do is ride the way the laws state and stay well lit up when riding in the dark. It actually isn’t that bad once you get used to it. But riding in parks and on riding paths is just as enjoyable. They both supply that peace time that is well needed sometimes. Thanks for visiting and I hope you Keep On Pedaling!

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