Family Cycling Plan Ideas

Every summer we as a family unit get together if it is at all possible and create a memorable summer. I remember as a kid our father used to pack us in the car and we would all go to Adventure Land Amusement Park and we would hang out for the day. That made me and my brothers summer. I am sure we all have things that our family did that never left our minds after years past. But has anybody ever considered putting everyone on a bike and hanging out for the day? A great cycling plan will bring those kinds of memories.

A Museum Cycling Trip
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One way to mix a cycling plan is to visit a Museum in your area. There are various types of museums to consider. There is a Museum of Science and Industry, Natural History, National Museum, State Museum and on and on. Most often these days they are a mixture of all the above which makes it even better. I tell you right now that it would be exciting to tell the family we are going to hop on the bikes and leisurely ride to the Museum.

The idea behind it all is to make pit stops to favorite places on the way.Your nice eatery in your area on the way would be perfect or ice cream stand. Stop and pick up small trinkets and so forth. There are most likely plenty of parks to stop in and picnic if you like to bring your own food. The idea is not to speed through it but rather enjoy the atmosphere while having this bike riding adventure.

For the large family ride, someone could devote their time to going to the Museum prior to the trip to set up a scavenger hunt for everyone to find articles, objects, city emblems and so forth for everyone to seek out. Whoever finds the most things on the list in a given time frame wins. The winner can receive gift cards or whatever your family fancies. Sounds fun doesn’t it? It is all about taking an idea and using bicycles to get there on.

Free Family Fun Ideas

Going to the Museum may not be free in all places we live. There could be some admission cost involved. However, there are parks, lakes to fish, botanical gardens in some areas of the city, annual parades and the list goes on and on. A lot of people already have great ideas in their minds for the family. But just try your idea with bicycling and it will put a nice twist on things. In some cases, it will have never been done.

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My goal is for many people this summer to at least try the joys of bike riding and feel the pleasure that your family will achieve. If you don’t have any bikes, purchase some! If you have little ones, purchase some passenger trailers for your bike! On this website, there are some bikes for everyone if you consider purchasing for the summer. Just click on Ron’s Cycle Plus to view what is available to you.

If you decide you don’t want to purchase bikes, most cities have bike rental stands in their frequently visited areas all around the city. This tells you how popular bike riding has become as a way to make an outing pleasurable. So please feel free to jump right in and hit the pedals a little this summer and I promise you-you will love it.

I hope I was able to give someone ideas for this summer that will possibly be a different form of fun for the family. I want to thank all for visiting and don’t be a stranger. You can always sign up to be the first to read my post as I write them. Feel free to leave any comments and cycling plan ideas at the bottom of the page for someone, including me, who might want to try them.

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14 thoughts on “Family Cycling Plan Ideas

  1. I used to cycle to school all the time but as I grew older, driving replaced cycling. And I don’t even own a bike now.. We might not always have the resources or the money to go visit museums and such, but cycling itself is already a super fun event! Not to even mention the health benefits it has. I’m ready to get my boyfriend on board and we’ll just be cycle to places now!

    • One thing I can almost bet Liv is that you guys probably drive to a few places as an outing that on a nice day you can hop on the bike and get there as well. It is a thing that you do leisurely to spend the day with. I just know that is pleasing if you give it chance. I say ask him and see what he thinks.

  2. Thanks for the ideas in making a summer to be the best memorable with family. Riding a bike is a fun activity. The most important is with the family and enjoy together.
    You did a great job with your content. I love it. It is interesting to know these things like going to the museum and riding a bike.

    Have a great day!


    • My pleasure. You probably have had great ideas that may not have included the bike ride. I just try to give people another option to get the family involved. Just remember that the kids would probably get a kick out of mom & dad actually riding somewhere on a bike with them.

  3. Afternoon, Ronnie, Liked your post a lot. I used to teach cycling when I was an aerobics instructor and know how great the exercise for cardio can be. Reading your comments reminds me that it’s time to get bicycles for my little grandchildren and teach them how to bicycle safely. Then we will gear up to hit the museums. Thanks for the trip back in memory of many hours spent on a bicycle. Cordially, David

    • You are welcome, David. That is where it all starts. I always tell people you never forget that first ride and how fun it was. As you start riding to this place and that place that feeling has a way of returning no matter what age we are. Your grandkids will get a blast out of you riding to even a park with them. I say we give them the thrill we had.

  4. Great ideas here! With two young kids, I’m really looking forward to taking bike trips together when they get older. I’ll definitely be using your site for ideas!

    • Thank you Ryan. Hey don’t forget you can still take the young kids out on riding adventures as well. If they are real small there are some Passenger trailers for your bike they can ride in. You can view a few of them by going to Ron’s Cycle Plus on this website. That will get them prepared when they are ready to mount up on their own bikes.

  5. Hey there Ronnie! What a pleasant idea you have. I cannot count only on my fingers all the great moments I had with my family and as we grow up these family events happens less often. I really do like the bike idea and I think I might propose this to my family members for this summer.

    First cycling is one of the best exercice to do so not only you have a great day with people you love but also while doing a perfect “spinning session” lol. Bikes are not that expensive and are always useful for everything. Also this type of family event is not that expensive 🙂 unless you stop by every store you come across lol.


    • Glad you think so. I’m telling you when it comes to the kids they are really excited to be riding with their family. It just adds this family bonding thing that is out of this world. And you are getting some exercise while doing it as you mentioned. I hope you and your family get to hang out this summer on the bikes. Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Nice page, Ron,
    I’m also in the fitness industry and teach indoor cycling classes as well as getting outdoors from time to time. Cant beat getting out on the road!

    • You are right. It really is great to get out and ride to enjoy the scenery and get that fresh air flowing through your lungs. I also think that riding outdoors keeps it from feeling constricted which normally leads to boredom. But to mix them up makes it a great thing.

  7. It’s so great to here ideas to get the family together. I haven’t done anything like this for a while. Now that my kids are older and can all ride bikes, I think we’ll try a biking excursion. Thanks!

    • It is a wonderful thing. A lot of people don’t realize what it does for the children. It leaves a great memory for them when they are older. Plus it is a great family bond thing when everyone is out enjoying the parks and so forth or anything you ride to as far as that is concerned. Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your family get a chance to get out there this summer.

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