E Bike vs. Pedal Bike – Does A E Bike Really Work

Some of us who ride bikes love using the pure body as our motor to get us where we are going. Some of us won’t change from what we are accustomed to. But let us face it, as we are getting older, the body starts to tell off a little bit. We still have the drive and the stamina to do it we say. But here is that old saying “the mind is willing but the body isn’t able.” But the E-bike is a great alternative for those that don’t have the stamina & body power that is capable of being hard driven. In this case, the E-bike really works.

Cardio Health Improvement – Is It Compromised?

Because the E-bike assist the rider, many might wonder is exercising being short-changed? While it does assist in pedaling, there still is some benefits towards good health. According to the University of Colorado study, you still benefit from aerobic capacity, cardio health improvement, and overall fitness.

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Personally, I feel that there are a lot of riders new and old who would get great pleasure from riding an E-bike. They can get a chance to capture more distance and get more enjoyment out of their outing. The new rider may not be used to the work it takes to go for awhile and the older riders joints might welcome the joint stress of a long period ride. Still, at the same time, you are experiencing a physical workout.

More Economical Way To Commute

Biking in general, is a more economical than driving wouldn’t you agree? Let’s weigh it out further and really see how it is a more economical way to commute. A car has an average speed around town, of 18 mph while the E-bike has an average of 15 miles per hour. Not very much much speed difference in a sense.

Let’s look at the operation cost. A car with a 12-gallon tank cost $33.60 to fill up based on gas costing $2.85 a gallon. An E-bike cost $0.50 to fully charge based on a 480 watt per hour battery at $0.10 per kilowatt hour. This doesn’t even include the maintenance that a car requires to perform at its peak. That makes the average yearly cost of a car $9,285 and an E-bike $390.00. Wow!

Bike or Moped/Motorcycle – What About Laws

The laws are going to vary from state to state as normal on this question. Here is breakdown but I recommend you check out your state of residence or where you are planning to ride.

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  1. 37 US states & Canadian Provinces don’t consider E-bike as motorized
  2. 29 US states & Provinces say you can ride an E-bike on bike paths
  3. 27 US states & Provinces require you to have a license
  4. Age requirements vary from ages 14 to 18 years of age.

Generally, most states separate E-bike from mopeds but it will be determined by the size of the motor in watts which affects the speed of the bike.

Other Aspects Of The E-Bike

Not all E-bikes are throttle controlled. They also can come with electric assist technology which is controlled by a sensor. Me personally, I like to challenge my body so I would want the assist type of ride on really long distance rides because I am only human and I will get tired eventually. And it will kick in when it detects I have not the riding power I had.

Another great thing is that some of them can haul quite a bit of weight also. It depends on how much weight you will be asking the bike to handle. If it is a lot there is an electric assist system which can be implemented. This extra will make it possible to haul weight up to 400 pounds. Now that is truly awesome!

You don’t have to worry about being stranded for too long if your battery gets depleted. As long as there is an electrical outlet you can get back up and running in a short while.

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Is A E Bike Expensive?

They really are not that expensive considering what you get out of it. The cost will depend on power and & performance capabilities of the unit you purchase. The type of motor is going to play a big part in cost. They vary from the standard motor of 250 watts up to 750 watts. All this you will have to decide how you plan to use the bike. The battery quality is another factor. A good battery will give you anywhere between 20 to 40 miles per charge. While higher end batteries will give you up to around 60 miles. But if you are an average rider you can see how your cost won’t be much of a problem.

Then it will also depend on the manufacturer of course. We all know how some things are marked up on just the name and some offer the same product for less. Click on this link to see a review on the Ancheer Power Plus E-bike that will be of a great value to you.

Those who may be on a limited budget, there is an alternative route you can take to get the benefits of an E-bike simply by using your present bike. Just click on the link above and read to the end and you will see just how easy it is to convert your present bike to an E-bike.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you at the two options above to help you enjoy bike riding in a different way. Please leave any questions or comments and I will respond to your concerns. Please check in as I plan to bring fun to your world of riding. Keep on Pedaling!

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6 thoughts on “E Bike vs. Pedal Bike – Does A E Bike Really Work

  1. Wow these E-Bikes are awesome! Considering the price they look to be a great car/bike alternative. I like the designs and they look sturdy. Definitely worth checking out the E-Bike!

    • They are David. And the price is just right for what they deliver. I like the hard ride but the E-bike has me sold because there are those times I can use some assistance pedaling myself. But I encourage people to try these things out. They don’t require gas and there is not a whole lot of noise riding them. A really great way to ride around town sight seeing or commuting to and from work. Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Hi,

    Nice post. You are very right; cars are way too expensive to drive nowadays and they are so polluting! So a bike looks like a healthier and cheaper option to me. It’s quite unfortunate that we don’t have bike lanes here in my town. Everyone here drives a car, even to buy bread in the morning!

    • Lol. And I’m the opposite. I hop on my bike in a heart beat to go to the store. I only rely on a car when I’m getting to much to haul on a bike. The thing about the bike lanes is changing more and more. A lot of cities and towns are starting to realize that more and more people are riding bikes these days. There are a lot of cities working bike lanes into there budget your town will to. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I never knew I could just buy a motor for a bike I already had! I always thought e-bikes were a separate purchase entirely. Do e-bikes require a license to buy; more specifically, would buying a motor require a driver’s license to purchase? Also, would it be cheaper to buy an e-bike as a whole unit, or motor and vehicle separately?

    • Yes, it is an alternative that will allow you convert your bike at a cheaper cost. As far as the license, It will depend on a few things, the speed of the bike and the state laws that you ride in. If you were to buy a bike and a motor hub, you will come very close to the cost of an E-bike that is on the lower end. You can see on this site that there are some for around $600.00. So by the time you buy a bike, motor hub and the battery and charger you will have come very comparatively to the cost of just buying an E-bike. Either way, you can get the same enjoyment. If you have anything else you would like to know please leave more comments. Thanks for visiting.

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