Comfortable Bicycle Seating

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Over the years bicycle seating has gone through a lot of transformations. This is because it is said that to enjoy riding you need a comfortable saddle. I would say that is a very on time statement. If you are on a bicycle often you most definitely want some comfortable bike seating to make your ride pleasurable.

Bicycle Seats Are Bad?

Believe it or not, bicycle seating has been accused of a lot of things that was a health problem.  These things include numbness, boils, infections, prostate problems and even impotency! But these things are just like any other rumor that people spread.

When you are just an average bike rider you really don’t pay much attention to all the hoopla of bike saddles. One seems to get the job done just as well as the next. But it really is true that if it fits your build it will make a more comfortable ride.

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Men & Women Saddles

Men and women seats are made differently. Men saddles are long and narrow while the women saddle is shorter and wider. This is because the pelvic area of men and women is truly different.

It is said that while women can do just well on men seats men should stick with the men models when riding. Click here for more information on bicycle seating.

The Truth

We all have a different anatomy so this means where one seat might work well for one it may not work so well for the other. This is why you have to just find the seat that feels the best to you. If you are riding in a racing form you want a narrow seat. If you are cruising a wider seat.

But I will say that the Velo Bio Logic saddles are a pretty nicely crafted saddle that is worth giving a try.  They come in a men and women style and is designed to relieve tailbone pressure and provide good airflow. The design and cost of it are why I say it is worth a try.

Click Here for more information on the Velo Logic Saddle

Click Here for more information on the Velo Logic F Model Saddle

Click Here to see more saddles at Rons Cycle Plus.

Remember that a good saddle will contribute to the comfort of your ride. But not all saddles are a perfect fit for everyone. You have to find that perfect saddle which means you have to try them until you find that perfect one for you. When you do you will love the ride it gives you.

Thanks for visiting in with us and I hope that you find the perfect saddle on your first attempt. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “Comfortable Bicycle Seating

  1. Yes, it is really important to have a comfortable saddle. I know this from my own experience! When I was younger, I used to ride my bike for many hours each day, but the bike quality was pretty bad and the saddle was very uncomfortable. Still, it didn’t stop my passion for bike riding. Although back then, I really wished I could get a better saddle!

    • I can’t imagine how many times you felt the pain of using that seat time after time. They have probably really upgraded the quality since then as well. Me myself, I must have a comfortable seat to make my ride enjoyable.

  2. The seat I have on my old bicycle is so bad. My friend has a Velo and loves it. Maybe I’ll have to try that one out. Thanks for all the info here!

  3. I am not a regular bicycle rider but I hop onto it now and then. The seat with most bicycles is one problem and comfort is the key for me because when I ride one, I do it for fun or to hang out with friends together. Velo Bio Logic saddles seem pretty affordable and look like they are pretty comfortable. I will definitely consider it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  4. Hey Ronnie,

    This is a dumb question. But, is there a proper setting you should have your seat at on your bike? I have a bad back but do love to ride my bike.

    • Not a dumb question at all.The proper way to tell if you have the right adjustment is to put your pedals straight down like 12 and 6 o’clock and put your heel on the bottom pedal (6 o’clock pedal). Your leg on the bottom pedal should be fully extended. I hope that answered your question. Thanks for asking.

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