Bike Of The Month Winner Is…

Kent Norwood Dual Drive Tandem Comfort

The Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bike is a great product to inexpensively break into the world of tandem bike riding. It gives you a great way to partner up with someone and have some of the most enjoyable bike riding you could imagine.

I picked this bike not only because of its price but because it is very comfortable to ride with its spring gel saddles and handles well. It is easily mounted having a front of 29 inches and a rear of 20 inches. The 21 speeds will get you moving right along and help when climbing hills.

The tandem bike is great for having someone to talk to while riding in a close-up fashion. It also is a great way to get close while working together and establishing communication while team working the ride. View the video below for more information on the product. And click on the link below the video for more info on tandem bike riding.

To get more acquainted with tandem bike riding Click Here for a short study to Tandem Bike Riding. Here you will find out what is involved and it will give you an idea what to expect. You will be introduced to the basics of Tandem Bike Riding.