Burley Travoy Commuter Trailer Review

Product: Bicycle Commuter Trailer

Company: Burley Design

Company Existence: Since 1978

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Weight Capacity: 60 Pounds

Accessories: Yellow Rain Cover

Cheapest Buy: Amazon

Cost: $294.00

Needing a way to carry things while riding your bicycle will always seem to come into play whether you are touring, shopping, a family riding outing or going to do laundry. I am sure there are many other times that has probably crossed your mind right?

The Burkey Commuter Trailer will provide you a means of doing it safely and hassle-free. Its construction is made to handle loads of up to 60 pounds. This means it will accommodate almost anything you want to haul from clothes to groceries or touring equipment to picnic items to camping supplies.

The really great thing about it is how the weight of your load is distributed. It hooks to the seat post and pulls at a 45-degree angle making riding with it easy.

Gear Security

The Burley Commuter Trailer easily detaches from the bike with a simple twist and converts to a rolling cart. This enables you to carry your belongings with you if you have to stop anywhere.  Even if you have to make multiple stops, this easy feature will make it problem free to keep your load with you.

Great Features
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The trailer is lightweight at 10 pounds. After the quick release feature, it will fold up to the size of a briefcase which is very convenient.

This particular model 951302 Travoy Commuter Trailer comes with a yellow rain cover which is great for visibility and protection against the elements. It also has push button wheels to separate them from the trailer.

My Verdict: A Great Accessory

If you spend a lot of time on your bike and always need a way to haul things, then this trailer can be a great asset to you. I give this trailer a 10 because it is super lightweight and allows you to attach and detach really easy plus it breaks down for easy storage or carrying when not needed.

If you would like to have one of these trailers Click Here to order this great accessory for your bike today!

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8 thoughts on “Burley Travoy Commuter Trailer Review

  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve been looking for a good way to haul things on my bike that isn’t the proverbial basket, or something that essentially turns it into a tricycle. What’s cool is that this product is made about 20 miles from my home! Oregon is such a great place to be a full-time cyclist, with dedicated biking lanes and car traffic that takes the rights of cyclists seriously. I think I could incorporate this accessory for groceries and other stuff without worry, here.

    • You most certainly can. I heard that Oregon was really cycle friendly. That is wonderful. A lot of other states are incorporating cycling lanes and such into their budget.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Love the review. It’s very informative and will bring awareness to this great device. Looks like it would be great for urban areas.

  3. Very detailed presentation and product description…good for a trail that I just walked on yesterday…

    Good job!

  4. This trailer is awesome! I can’t bike right now due to health but it might be cool at such time as I can again. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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