Body Strengthening

When we first start riding on a regular basis, we notice that our bodies get tired after so many miles and hills. For some people it might deter them from carrying on with their bike riding ventures. But as with anything that requires you to utilize physical exertion, you gradually build up strength. Which means the more we do it the more we get in shape bicycling.

There are many other ways to improve the body strength to improve your cycling efforts. We know getting on the bike will strengthen the body while riding. But we can incorporate some body training workouts to improve our progress on your ability to push pass your limit. We would want to focus on the core muscles associated with bike riding. This will increase your stamina for those long distances and hills we encounter regularly while riding.

gain strength without weights
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As we immerse ourselves in to bike riding, we gradually become as one with our equipment. Going further in distance, gaining more energy and strength as time goes on. If you are competitive in nature you will begin to test yourself bicycling each time you ride. But the plus to it is that we are getting in shape and strengthening our bodies while enjoying it. Not saying it is easy to put certain challenges on your body but it is beneficial. Keep on Pedaling!

It never gets easier, you just get faster.” – Greg LeMond   

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