Bike Routes Are Popular

Bike routes are becoming very popular and they are experiencing more riders as well. Many people are starting to add cycling to their recreational activities and many cities are starting to recognize it. Most cities have nice and

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attractive areas in which can make bike routes a popular attraction.

Advantages of Bike Routes

There are a few benefits that come with bike routes. One is that it provides safety for cyclist which will encourage people to ride more often and feel safe while doing it. I’m sure that safety is one reason a lot of people are hesitant to incorporate bikes into their activities.

The other is that cities will see an increase in the economy for businesses and attractions that are set along the biking route.

Bike Routes Compliments Bike Riding
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Bike routes make it more relaxing & enjoyable as you ride especially if you have little ones with you. It takes the worry of being run down by an automobile which makes the ride that much more pleasurable. Then there are a lot of different sites and places to stop and visit at the same time.

The City of Chicago Bike Paths   

The city of Chicago has a very nice set-up for leisure bike riding. They used their lakefront to route out some very interesting riding areas. There are other cities who have areas similar that they can utilize for their biking community. In fact, many of them have included such plans in their cities development budgets.

But I am going to give a good example of some very nice bike paths that are active in the Windy City below.

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As you see Chicago has done well for its biking community. Other cities have great areas to build paths and many of them have done or started plans to develop these types of routes for the cyclist.

So if you plan to go to Chicago in the future, this would be a great outing to add to your vacation plan.

You could also check with the proper agencies where you live to see if they already have routes that you just may not be aware of. One of them being your cities municipal offices.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas to increase your biking pleasure. Please feel free to leave any comments and questions in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Bike Routes Are Popular

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Great post. I love cycling but I always have to hire a bike haha! Your post has inspired me to save to buy one now! There are so many bike paths around the world. I live in Tweed heads Australia and there are beautiful bike paths around the Tweed River.

    It is such a great thing to do. I better go and start earning money so I can buy my bike!!

    Keep up the great posts,


  2. This post was right up my ally. I have the cutest fixed gear ever and in recent years, the biking community has gotten a lot of respect here in the city of Philadelphia. There are a lot of bike routes that are popular in this city and just like in The Windy City, you can take either the scenic views or the streets where you ride in your very own lane alongside cars.

    I love it. I have been biking now for over 2 years. I must admit, when I am biking, into the city, I’ve never felt so free. When I go biking for fun along the waterfront, I couldn’t ask for a better life. I’ve always enjoyed biking. Thank you for a post like this. I am sure it is going to encourage people to get out and ride.

    • You are very welcome. It is a blast to get out and just ride around and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere. I have been riding over 3 years now and that is how I stay fit. Keep On Pedaling my friend.

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