Bike, Pedestrian & Transportation Plans

All cyclist should be pleased that many cities are getting more involved with making sure that there are safe ways for people to commute on both sides. Meaning, the relationship between automobiles & and other alternatives of commuting. Before, all there was if you were not in an automobile was sidewalks or the roads themselves. This day and age more & more cities are thinking about the other modes of transportation as they are drawing up their bike, pedestrian & transportation plans.

How Do Cities Go About Their Plans?

Transportation Planning
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As I was reading around I ran into something they are doing in the State of Wisconsin. They entered into a contract consisting of the council, the Dept. of Transportation and a design group. This plan does allow them to receive a grant to get their plans in motion and completed.

With knowing there are grants available to assist cities with adding paths for cyclist and pedestrians will open up more opportunity for other cities to do the same. These paths, when planned right and completed right, will give travel links to all areas of the city for the cyclist & all other modes of transportation while providing a safe way to go to and from.

By using a reputable design group, this will result in strategic & perfect planning resulting in paths that will not only be safe but also add some beautification to the routes. I don’t know about anyone else but this for me will make my ride a lot more enjoyable.

In Wisconsin as I mentioned they are using a design group named the Toole Group. They have been doing their expertise for 15 years and they focus on designing and building spaces where people can move freely and intuitively, enjoying the experience and becoming a part of the community instead of just moving through it.

Great Benefits For All

Everyone involved will benefit from having an infrastructure designed to allow friendly mobility to all types of pedestrians & commuters. Too many times we hear or read about horrible accidents that occur and mainly it is because of the way we are forced to mix cars with cyclist or pedestrians with basically the same travel space.

Bike, Pedestrian & Transportation Plans
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So for the drivers of automobiles, cyclist & pedestrians, we benefit from gaining safety to our modes of transportation. Not only that it gives us great visual on our paths which make our rides and walks more enjoyable.

The economy of where you reside also will benefit as well. The stores and shops along these paths will most likely see an increase in business as well. Now they won’t have to rely on just the people who drive to and from their destinations but now they will have more people passing through by other means.

Overall, cities will benefit in other ways. This is why you see so many grasping the concept. They will beautify areas, have cleaner areas, less traffic and at the same time reduce some of the pollutions that come with everybody driving automobiles. Don’t get me wrong autos are and always will be the biggest choice for most but other modes are good for things like staying healthy and helping the Ecosystem.

Good For Promoting Health

I think that if there is a great transportation route set up for cyclist & pedestrians they will feel more secure about using walking, riding, skating or whatever mode they choose more willingly. This will, in turn, attract those who would like to but are afraid of accidents that come with it. We all know that anything that helps us exert energy is good exercise and that means good health.

Below is a video that puts you in the room with what goes on when it comes to bicycle transportation planning and some of the things that are covered.


I take my hat off to all cities who are starting to think about all modes of transportation in their building plans. I would like to see more people using their bikes, skateboards, Ebikes and any mode they are comfortable on. It will only bring us all closer together in the long run. While I ride I always meet someone new and talk to them even if I never see them again.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I hope many people who are involved in developing their cities plans see what a citizen has to say about their efforts. And I also hope that I have encouraged some people to get out there and enjoy riding a bike, walking or whatever mode they enjoy more often.

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