Bike Lane Benefits – A Plus For Many Reasons

When it comes to bikes and automobiles sharing the roads, many things can possibly happen. The stress factor for both the driver and cyclist is escalated. That adds a bad mixture to the equation. Bike Lanes benefits both the automobile driver and the bike rider with the feeling of being protected from mishaps. If the roads are equipped to accommodate the two sharing it at the same time, the situation will have a more pleasurable experience for all involved. If you are like me, I ride in the streets every day. Where I am there are very few people who give courtesy to the cyclist. I’ve experienced where drivers that are passing don’t even give you the 3 feet clearance Oklahoma State law requires. Because of that, I have been clipped twice this year.  Keep in mind the majority of streets I ride on don’t have bike lanes. There are some but nowhere that I ride.  I’m sure many other riders face this same dilemma. This is why I feel so strongly about having as many bike lanes as possible so the bike rider can find enjoyment without the fear of being run down. And at the same time give the automobile driver the awareness that

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he is amongst bicycles in traffic allowing him to not have to worry about possibly hitting someone. It is a double win in my book.

Psychological Effect Of Bike Lanes

When we learned how to drive, we became aware of the importance to abide by the rules of the road. These rules are put into play for everyone’s safety. We learned what the difference between solid, spaced & colored lines and what we should do when we encounter them. These things become etched in our minds. What these rules of the road give us is a peace of mind of being somewhat safe while in the midst of other traffic. We automatically feel that the other driver will most likely be following the same rules we are which cuts down the risk of accidents. Of course, we know that there is always someone who isn’t. But in the back of our mind, the security is there. Bike lanes will have the same effect. It will alarm the driver and the cyclist that we must respect one another’s space out there on the road.

Safe, Comfortable & Enjoyable 

For the cyclist, his ride now becomes less fearful of the cars that are around him. Some of these bike lanes bring beautiful scenery to the riding experience. They are laid down in some of the cities most prestigious places offering a great sightseeing ride. Now you are taking in some great sights and feeling safe at the same time. To me, this will let me focus on the surroundings and the ride and less on trying to not get run down. Now, isn’t that what you would want if you are just out to get away on your own or enjoy a group of friends on a ride? This would turn any outing into a very enjoyable day of having fun and getting in shape at the same time.

Economic Growth Can Follow

Along with these bike lanes comes more riders in that specific area. I am starting to see more and more people on bicycles these days. So there is no mystery that a new type of mobile consumer is emerging. As some of these bike lanes are being created, the biking community will increase the number of consumers in that location. This could spearhead more development ideas in the area which will be a plus for that area’s economy. There are a lot of areas that I can think of where I ride that would attract some riders if the lanes were there to drive cyclist to them. I

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encourage any city that has it on the table of things to do to not play it short. Cities like Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Fort Worth as well of other places in the US are already on the concept. Outside of the US, Barcelona has a plan that is the figures of $36.2 million. I pretty much can feel the riding experience people can get with that much dedication to the cyclist.

A Plus For The Pedestrian

Without bike lanes, some people are inclined to take it to the sidewalks in fear of being hit in traffic. But now the people walking on sidewalks have to be taken into consideration. Just as you don’t want a car hitting you they don’t want to be hit by a bicycle. Bike lanes will give the cyclist the safe mode of riding in the streets over the sidewalk making it possible for now three entities to have some relief. But pedestrians always have the right away in all circumstances. But at least they won’t have to worry about getting ran down and never see it coming. As a rider, I can definitely relate to what they would feel if bicycles just flew past them barely missing them as they are taking what they thought as a leisurely walk.

Painted & Protected Bike Lanes

If one would ask which type of lane is better I would not try to put one over the other. They both will provide a sense of driving and riding rules that will have an effect on how each motorist will perform on the road.  They both are a plus because without either one of them there would be no order to the road which must be shared between bikes and cars. They both will bring safety, comfortability and help remove some stress as cyclist and motorist engage one another on their daily routes. The most important thing to me is that it encourages more people to get out and explore more avenues of bike riding. Because it will be a lot safer, comfortable and pleasurable there should not be a reason not to Keep on Pedaling!

I thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to leave any comments at the bottom of the page. I’m sure others, as well as myself, would love your insight on the matter.

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4 thoughts on “Bike Lane Benefits – A Plus For Many Reasons

    • And you are right. The bike rider deserves the right to ride and feel protected. As any other person of any other mode of transportation should. It truly is a benefit for everyone who is involved with traveling on the road. It will benefit any city who is willing to implement the concept in parts of their city. As far as I’m concerned, even the insurance companies. Especially those ones that already paid the price of an insured driver who has already hit a cyclist. It might very well have prevented it.

  1. It’s great that you mentioned how bike lanes would give the cyclist the safe mode of riding in the streets over the sidewalk, making it possible for now three entities to have some relief. I am thinking of picking up biking as a hobby and I am now researching about it. I heard there are bike lane line markings to help out bikers so I should probably keep a lookout for those.

    • There are. Here in Oklahoma City where I live they have made many lanes leading into the downtown area. Looks really nice as well as safe for bike riders. You should pick it up as a hobby. It is fun plus you will notice your body muscles associated with pedaling and using the handle bars will begin to get noticeably stronger as time goes on.

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