Bicycle Safety For Kids

Kids ride bicycles a lot during the summer. In this day and age, there are more of them who have taken bike riding as a form of recreation. They can cover some pretty good distances and tough riding paths as they do. They also get experimental with things like the BMX bike riding stunts. I am impressed with one US State that recognizes the importance of bicycle safety for kids. This same safety also applies to adults as well.

National Bike Month

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May is National Bike Month which includes days like Bike to Work Day (May 19th) & Bike to Work Week (May 15th-19th). The day for our children who are in school has a Bike to School Day which was on May 9th. All of these days are designed to encourage people to ride bikes more often.

This is a good thing because cycling is good for the health of people of all ages. This also means more riders and more chances of accidents happening. This is why bicycle safety should always be a focal point.

Bike Helmet Awareness Safety Month   

The State of Ohio is the state I was mentioning earlier. One of their cities which is Marietta, OH. has joined forces with its Health Dept. to educate children & their parents about riding safely.

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The State of Ohio Health Dept. allotted $1,500 to supply kids with bike helmets along with a grant for an additional 72 helmets to be distributed.

This is an amazing thing. The program in which the grant is from is called Put A Lid On It and it from the Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 

The AAP over the course of the years since 2011 have given out over 30,000 helmets to kids for their safety. This is an outstanding concern for the youths in their city I must say.

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These helmets go to kids ages 4 to 15 years of age but they fit kids for these helmets up to the age of 18 years of age as well. Because they feel that bicycle safety is important from a city liability point of view, children 15 years & younger must wear a helmet when cycling, skateboarding, roller skating, rollerblading, using a scooter or similar wheeled devices in the city.

Now I am sure that there are other cities who share these same ideas but I am really impressed by how the State of Ohio let it be known.

Why this is needed in All States  

In the State of Ohio, the year 2010 seen 51,000 people injured by not having a helmet. It is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of children wear helmets but at the same time 70 percent of children ages 5 to 14 ride regularly. That percentage could stand to go up.

This means that more accidents could be not as fatal simply from wearing a helmet. 75% less to be exact. Head injuries can be reduced by 85% & severe brain injuries by 88%. These are some major statistics.


I myself as a bike rider know the importance to always think of safety since I have been clipped twice this year by automobiles. From the helmets to the lighting. From the temperatures to obeying cycling laws. They all fit hand in hand to protect everyone who rides a bicycle no matter where you are.

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10 thoughts on “Bicycle Safety For Kids

  1. Cycling is my favorite sport, but it is more dangerous than people think, safety is the main thing not only in children but also adults. My best friend suffered a fall that has him in shoulder therapy until now he has not been able to ride a bike again. Thanks for the information, great post!

    • Very good point. You see a lot of people riding bikes when it is dark with no lights. Every time I see someone I always warn them that they better stop riding in the streets like that. I have been hit even with lights so I can imagine what would happen to them. And that does go for children as well as adults. Very good point.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I wasn’t aware of the “National Bike Month”! I have to find out if there is a “National Bike Month” in Greece as well!
    Best wishes,

    • You are very welcome. That would be a good idea. You probably will find some safety support group I am sure. More people are aware of the dangers of bike riding than we may think. I hope you find out there is something in Greece for the safety of children on bikes.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Protecting our heads is one of the most important things we can do. Often we do not think about protection until it is too late, because we get too distracted by doing something fun, but it is so important to make this a priority.

    • It sure is Jessica. And I think for kids, they definitely get caught up in the fun and not realize the risk they are taking. This is why I thought it was great that sponsors educate the parents as well.

  4. Where I live we have the bike-to-work week, with lots of bicycle giveaways and helmet giveaways.

    In the province where I live (in Canada), it is mandatory to wear a helmet, and all the school programs encourage it as well. Along with mandatory helmet wearing for motorcyclists, it has reduced the number of head injuries by about 45%.

  5. Hi Ronnie, thank you for this very timely article. It is a great advocacy and I support it too. Advocating helmet use should actually be a universal advocacy. I am glad that in the US, some states do have programs, I wish many countries adopt to it. Not only do our child have fun and exercise, they will also be protected. Thanks again brother =)

    • You are welcome. Yes, safety is very important. Although there is no motor on a bike, there are some serious injuries that result from them. And I just think we should protect children because when we are young, we will not always do the right things. I am sure it is just a matter of time before everywhere in the world will be more safety oriented as more riders are popping up.

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