Bicycle Roadside Assistance

The question is can you have roadside assistance for your bicycle when you are out riding? well, this is a wonderful thing to have if you ride quite a bit on your bicycle. There are always emergencies that can come up just as when you are driving in your car when considering mechanical malfunctions.

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Sometimes we can repair them ourselves and sometimes not. In this post, we will discuss a bicycle roadside assistance program that is available.

There is only one company that offers a bicycle roadside assistance program that I am aware of and that company is AAA Roadside Service. You can’t get this service from their competitors like All-State Roadside, State Farm Roadside or Sams Club Roadside Services.

Let’s cover what this program offers.

Bicycle Roadside Service Coverage

There are some requirements and coverage restrictions that are involved with this program. The bicycle must be owned by the person who has the coverage and you must be an AAA member.

Requirements in an emergency

  • Member must be present
  • Must have a valid AAA card
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  • Must be a two-wheeled bike
  • Must be on a normally traveled road or street

Coverage restrictions

  • Covers rental bicycles, tandem/trailers pulled by a bicycle
  • Transportation of bicycle-only – no repairs or lock services
  • Service is only for the AAA members bicycle that is disabled and accompanying minors.

How To Obtain The Program

To get bicycle roadside assistance, you must become an AAA member through one of its 3 levels of membership. There are the Classic, Plus & Premier membership plans. The three auto roadside memberships come with the bicycle roadside coverage already included but each level has a different degree of coverage for the bicycle roadside assistance.

In an emergency, with all levels, they will pick up the rider if they can be reached from an access road or parking lot. The difference between the 3 levels is a matter of cost and distance of transportation to safety.

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  • Classic will get you up to 5 miles and the membership fee is $55.00 per year
  • Plus will get you up to 100 miles and the membership fee is $85.00 per year
  • Premier will get you up to 200 miles and the membership fee is $113.00 per year

*These prices are based on the State of Oklahoma. Prices may vary from State to State

This program is reasonably priced and will give the cyclist a way out of bicycle breakdown nightmares that do happen occasionally. To get more detailed information please call your local AAA representative or call 1-800-222-4357.


I think that this program is a plus for the cyclist. Most people like to get roadside assistance for their automobiles. And if they ride a bicycle as well, this would be an added perk if you use AAA for your roadside assistance company. But it still would be wise to have a repair kit on hand for those little mishaps you can get around on your own. See some repair kits here at Ron’s Cycle Plus.

Thank you for visiting and please leave any questions or comments in the comment section.


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10 thoughts on “Bicycle Roadside Assistance

  1. I had honestly NO idea that biking road side assistance even existed! So thank you very much for writing a post about it 🙂
    I think the Information that you give is very valuable and I am sure a lot of bikers will agree!
    So thanks again!

    • I did not know it either until I ran into it. But I felt inclined to spread the news because it is a valuable thing to have if you are out there on your bike a lot. You are welcome ad thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    I do a fair amount of road biking. I can tell you there is real worry about having to do a repair on the road. It is highly important to be able to fix your own flat on both the front and rear tire. However, there are those instances where you could find your self with more than one flat and you’ve used the tubes you carry with you or a chain brakes.

    Being stranded is no fun and it could be a long walk (especially with bike cleats).

    This is a great service to have available and I’d be willing to bet that not many know about it.

    Nice work, Shane

    • And I know that to be true because this offer has just come out. My job is to let everyone know when these type of things become available. I thought it was an excellent program so I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

  3. I did not know this. Thank you for the information. This summer we are going to be purchasing new bikes as a family and start more bike riding. I think this is a wonderful safeguard to have and I’m very happy to know about it. Funny the things you just don’t know. I was thinking the 5-mile service might not work for serious biking. What is your experience with the best policy?

    • I would say judge by how you ride. If you are just leisurely riding it would be best to at least get the Plus membership which is the 100 mile one. You never know, you might end up riding further the longer more you get out and ride. Don’t forget to have a look around on Ron’s Cycle Plus for your bikes. There are bikes for your whole family there.

  4. Hi Ronnie,

    Wow this is pretty cool, I didn’t even know this sort of cover existed. I’m not sure if any of our insurance companies offer this in Australia, but if not they should. I wonder, how do AAA compare to other insurance companies in terms of their car insurance, as you say you must already be a member to qualify for Bicycle Roadside Assist.

    Thanks for posting.

    • I used them for roadside assistance in the past but I never had to call on them because I never had a breakdown. But I do know a couple of people that had to call on them and they did respond in a decent time frame.

  5. Better World Club ( offers both a standalone bike roadside assistance policy and bike coverage bundled with their auto policies.

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