Bicycle Parking Facilities? Is It A Good Idea?

Cycling To Work
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As a cyclist I want bike riders to be able to use their bikes any way they want to. If they are on it as much as a person would drive a car, they should be able to leave it in a secure place while shopping or working. When I first heard that some cities are considering this I said to myself a bicycle parking facility? Is it a good idea? Then I knew I was not the only one who would think this. So let us go over a few things and decide.

It Will Be A Plus For Cyclist

I feel that this could be an excellent thing for the cyclist who commutes to and from work in larger cities. Because some of us pay a pretty good penny for our bikes so security is a big issue. Most of us don’t register our bikes so if it gets stolen it is just gone.

I speak of larger cities because they usually have big downtown areas where a lot of people are employed. Some cities have an excellent setup of bike paths and lanes to connect peoples residence with its downtown area. I live in Oklahoma City and our buses have bicycle racks in the front of the bus. The downtown area has a lot of housing units as well.

So this means other places do also. There is always a way a bicycle can be used to commute other than an automobile even if your job is a great distance from your home.

Thief Stealing A Bike
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With parking facilities to use we can feel a lot more secure leaving our bikes to tend to our business knowing that our investment won’t get taken from us. And because there are people who master their criminal intents, just locking your bike up to an object does not always guarantee it will be there when you get back.

So, yes, it will ease the mind if nothing else when it comes to storing your bike somewhere that you can’t keep an eye on it.

New Facilities & Existing Facilities

This thing can work economically as well. There is a possibility of a new business opportunity here if there is a big need for it. And the existing car parking lots can have another way to generate income as well. The businesses around a facility like this will benefit from the riders who would take advantage of the parking on their weekend outings.

This can also open up another employment opportunity because there will be a need for attendants as well. So not only will the cyclist benefit with this there will also be other factors we can consider.

The NYC DOT is really thinking about this idea as they did when jumping in on the bike lanes while considering the cyclist. They have gone as far as determining how many bikes per facility, hours to be open & how much should be charged.

But With Everything Comes Conflict
Conflict Management
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I am sure there are going to be those who feel like that making a city or town cyclist friendly means giving up street lanes and now parking space will not be too happy. But this is a day and age that whoever can do something to help the environment we should all be for it.

It also means that we will as a whole start to get a healthier society in the process. Who knows, it might even trigger people to start cycling because now you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your bike if you ride it to work or leave it chained to a pole while you check out the area.

So if you feel violated having to share the road or parking facilities with a cyclist, try to have a positive attitude about it. Everything that is being done is for safety, welfare, and enjoyment. Who knows, you might even decide you want to get in shape while having fun or simply commuting from here and there.


I think this is a good thing. Here in Oklahoma City where I live I have watched the cycling community grow by leaps and bounds. And I know how I feel about if I knew I could ride places and my bike would be secure I would use my bike more willingly without a doubt.

The times I just ride somewhere and keep riding, I would probably be willing to get off the bike and browse around where I have ridden to. This is where more interaction will occur with the cycling community and business areas.

I really appreciate you visiting and this is a great topic to comment on in the comments section below. If you have questions, this is the time to ask so I can respond to you the best I can. I hope you enjoyed the post and look forward to you visiting again.


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6 thoughts on “Bicycle Parking Facilities? Is It A Good Idea?

  1. I totally agree! Having more bicycle parking facilities – especially in downtown areas – would be very beneficial, as it would not only encourage people to be more active but would also cut down on pollution from vehicles. Great read!

    • I think that more and more cities are starting to feel that this is very true. I have noticed more and more cities allocating funds for such projects to encourage their citizens to partake in bike riding for commuting. I think it is wonderful.

  2. Hiya. I live in Dublin and there are bike stations across the city. It,s a self-service way to get from A to B in close proximity. Every station is equipped with means to use a credit card which you can purchase at a terminal of any station, You can see yourself what I mean.

    I don’t know in Oklahoma City you have that type of service? but it has taken off in Dublin. I hope your venture works. If People start cycling then it would be a better world for all of us.Thanks for sharing this.

    • Very nice. We have one that does not look so inviting as the one you have presented here. I think it will start to develop here a little more as time goes on. Oklahoma City does not have a huge downtown but it is growing more and more as I speak. I can see it really taking off here in the near future. Thanks for sharing your area with us.

  3. I just came back from visiting my brother in a nearby city and boy, I was surprised to see so many bicycles parked near the fresh market, which was really designed to be a parking space for bicycles and motorcycles. Apparently, bicycles are now the trend for commuters especially for those who do not want to get stuck in traffic.

    In our city, more and more people prefer going to work in a bicycle but the only problem is that unlike the city where my brother lives, our city government does not have a designated parking facility for bicycles.

    I think having a safe and secure parking space for bicycles is a good way to encourage people to use a bike instead of a car when going to work or anywhere else within the city or community. Aside from the problem in traffic, my greatest concern with so many cars and vehicles running around the city is the pollution caused by motor engines.

    With bicycles, you will not only get to exercise, you will also help save planet earth. So yeah, I am with you on this a hundred percent. Every city should have a secure parking facility for bicycles.

    • I think a lot of people would try riding a bike to commute if they could feel safe when riding. This is where the bike lanes and paths come in. The other is the security of leaving your bike somewhere. If a person could feel these two things are there for them it will lead to more bike commuters which will, in turn, help the environment and the good health of our society. Thanks for your input Alice.

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