Best Way To Enjoy Your Bike Ride

Bike riding is the one thing that gives you many avenues of enjoyment depending on the individual. This is where I ask what makes you happy while bike riding? Is it getting in shape? Is it the solitude when riding alone? or is it the bonding while riding with others? Maybe it’s the thrill of spinning those pedals as you reach a solid speed that steadies with the flow of traffic on a road ride. All of these are good ways to enjoy your bike ride.

Commuting To And From Work
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I would have never thought I would enjoy riding my bike to and from work every day instead of driving or riding a bus. I enjoy riding in the breeze instead of being trapped between doors, metal & glass a lot better. To me, it is a natural feel to glide through the atmosphere and feel the surroundings and air roll past my body as I bear down on my pedals. That is one feeling of enjoyment of bike riding to me let alone the thrill of knowing that it’s my body that is supplying the power to take me from here to there and not needing anything else to get me where I want to go.

Bike Riding Accomplishments

After for a few months, you start to notice that you are far beyond the point of when you first started. Repetition starts to build you up like a track runner who runs his way up to long distances. Can you remember when you tried something that was really hard, and when you tackled it, there was a great feeling of joy? That is the feeling you get when your trip that normally takes 25 minutes only took 21 minutes. Oh boy! now you are going to do it in 19 minutes. Wow! What a way to get enjoyment out of riding your bike.

Way To Relax Cycling 
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Bike riding can relax you even though you are using some exertion. This may sound strange but timing your breathing & hearing your breathing while pacing yourself, kind of puts you in a zone. The smoother your strokes, the more relaxing it gets. All this comes with putting some road work in on your bike. You and that bike become a V-6 engine as a team.

The Bikers World

Beginners, professionals, short & long distance riders, all have their own ways of finding pleasure in how they ride. One thing that is for sure, that it will provide a variety of ways of enjoyment stemming from one thing. The bike itself. There are a variety of bikes available based on how & where you plan to ride it. This will determine your mechanical buddy that is going to help bring you that pleasure of bike riding. You can view some bikes in Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site.

If you are a beginner it is helpful to consult with someone who can help you find what you need as far as a type of bike and the fitting of the bike. Your local bike shop has personnel there who can help you a great deal. Leisure riders like myself are good as long as the bike allows me a slight bend in my knee when my leg is extended downward on the pedal. That is going to vary from each person’s preference.

Hanging Out With Family

Mom and daughter outing
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Have you ever noticed a family of bike riders? Man, is that a great thing to see or what? The kids love that kind of ride I guarantee it. And the parents pleasing their children is certainly a form of enjoyment. There are other biking adventures like touring, event rides & club rides but a family ride is extremely bonding & pleasurable that puts a smile on everybody’s face. I’ve noticed people even pulling the smallest of family members in a bike cart behind them. That is too wonderful. Here is a link to a bike buggy cart you can view. There are more to view in Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site. It will make a great addition to your family rides if you have young ones.

The Beauty Of A Bike Is In The Eye Of The Owner 

What matters to some is how beautiful their bike looks. Some even dress in bike gear to accent their bikes. Another form of pleasure I might add. Combine that with a comfortable fit and she becomes your best buddy. Nothing can stop you from getting here and there no matter what the weather is like. I know because the only thing that stops me is ice. And my bike feels the same way. If you can find your way to enjoying a bike, you will feel the same way I do. I wish you much success in finding that best way to enjoy riding your bike.

I want to thank you for visiting, and I hope you can find a bike that will allow you to get full pleasure while getting in shape in the process. You will love it. Feel free to visit Ron’s Cycle Plus on this site to see if you can find your mechanical partner for your rides. Leave any comments in the comment section. I would love to read them.

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12 thoughts on “Best Way To Enjoy Your Bike Ride

  1. Great post on bike riding. And I have to agree, even though I exert energy if I am on a tough ride, it feels so good and so relaxing. I enjoy bike rides with my son as well, it is a great way for us to enjoy the day together. Wonderful article and website!

    • Thanks. For the last 4 years, I have used my bike for transportation to and from work. That puts me on about 7-10 miles a day. It seems like it would be tiring but it actually levels me out before and after work. And I am getting some fitness without it being my main reason I’m riding.

  2. Ronnie,
    I have been riding bikes with family members for over 50 years. Started with my sister and now I ride mountain bikes with my son. We just go to one of the bike paths around our home and ride for an hour or two. He just got a new bike for Christmas and we have not had time to ride yet. I did take the time to reset the bike rack for the new bike frame, as this bike has a bigger frame than the last one. NOthi g like going somehwere on your own power.

  3. Hey Ron,

    Cycling has definitely become one of my favorite hobbies. I especially enjoy mountain biking in it was my favorite thing to do all last summer. I learned downhill biking at Whistler and even though it can be scary at times, it was the best feeling making it down a new trail. Now that I have moved back to Australia, I am saving up for a mountain bike so I can continue my hobby!

    • I love it, Dave. See you don’t have to limit yourself to just pedaling around. Although you might be a little tougher than I am. I thought to ride every day in traffic was a challenge but you took it to the downhill paths. Sounds like fun. Maybe I will try that sometime. Thanks for sharing you biking pleasure.

  4. Actually my little brother does not want to ride a bike a lot. But we love as a family. But I really don’t think he will join us. It seems like you can have an answer to it. Do you have any recommendation?

    • I would recommend planning an a ride that would include a determined destination that he might be interested in going to. If there is a really nice park or lake that you can incorporate with the ride, adding a rest stop including a picnic or even fishing might raise his ambition to join in. I hope this helped because he will enjoy it if he would give it a try. Thanks for asking.

  5. Hi Ronnie,

    You’re so right, there are so many great benefits from bike riding! I have used my bike before to do a paper round, to get to university, to get some exercise and also to relax and get out to the countryside.


    • Absolutely Sean. And while you are doing that you are getting some kind of physical workout and without even thinking about it. That’s what I like the most. I might be using my bike to go backward and forward to work for transportation but I am getting some exercise benefits as well. Thank you for visiting and keep on pedaling!

  6. Hi Ronnie, I love cycling road and trails. It’s such a great excercise and as you describe low impact .I am a keen runner but now that I’m in my 40’s I have put cycling into my routine and it’s great.My runs are not having such a bad impact on my body as the cycling helps me recover in between runs.Keep up the great work.

    • You gave me another avenue to explore with my riding. I have not tried trail riding yet. That is going on my must do list. But I am glad you did bring it up. It just shows how versatile bike riding is. And I agree that it can fill in those times when you want get a little workout but give the body a rest from the pounding it takes running. Thank you for sharing and you are welcome anytime.

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