Ancheer Power Plus Mountain Bike Review – Go To The Next Level

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike       Seat Height: 30.4 to 39 inches

Price: $999.00 – 40% discount = $604.99                          Milage: 35 – 60km (21 to 37 miles)

Motor: 250 watts                                                                 Load Capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs.)

Battery: 36 volts                                                                   Cheapest Purchase: Amazon

Speed: 21-speed transmission (25 to 35 mph)                   My Rating: 10 out of 10

The Ancheer Power Plus E-Bike

The Ancheer E-bike is a force in the industry. Designed to satisfy your needs in owning an E-bike. From it’s good looks to its low profile battery. The bike is built to ride like a cruiser bike. It is made with an aluminum alloy frame, the fork suspension is made with high strength carbon steel shock absorption for a comfortable ride on all terrains.Ergonomically designed to meet riders needs, it’s lightweight and efficient design will allow you to travel further with minimal maintenance to stay in action.

System Components – Makes Riding Easy

The Ancheer E-bike has a 21-speed transmission coupled with front and rear disc brakes to ensure a much-needed stopping capability in emergency situations. The battery is a 36 volt 8 AH ion lithium battery which comes with the charger. Capable of taking you 35-60 km (21 to 37 miles)

There are two riding modes which make riding choicely enjoyable. You can choose to set it on a long time travel mode or a assisted bicycling mode. The assisted bicycling mode is great for those who want to get their workout on while enjoying their daily commute or weekend outing. It is like having two rolled into one type of ride.

My Overview

I think this bike is wonderful for getting out and adventuring your area without having to totally fatigue yourself to finish up your ride. For elder riders, it will help out those joints and muscles that just don’t have that surge anymore. For the beginners, you can let it build up to riding long without over-working you in the process. That is one of the reasons a lot of people won’t ride a bicycle.

Financial Alternative For An E-Bicycle

Sometimes finances won’t allow you to purchase what you might feel you would enjoy. And I hate it when that happens. So below I am going to put another product in your path that will make it attainable for people who have a budget that won’t allow them to purchase an E-bike.

Front Wheel Electric Bike Motor Kit
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This E-bike kit is a wonderful way to turn your present bike into an E-bike at a lower cost. It too has a motor that is 36 volt 500 watts. It is available with front or rear wheel mounting. This will give you the same distances as the Ancheer E-bike and you don’t have to worry about having to add chains or pulleys. It is as easy as one, two, three to install on your bike. It is throttle controlled but has dual modes. Under hall and non-under hall is the two modes. In other words assisted and not assisted.

With this set-up, you will be required to purchase the battery and charger separately. The price of the battery will vary depending on how much power you want. Most batteries should come with the charger but always make sure when purchasing. But it still will be a cheaper way to go than to buy a ready to ride E-bike.

Thank you for looking in and I hope that this has helped someone find another useful product. Please leave any questions or comments and I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.

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