Ancheer Folding Ebike Review

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Product: Ancheer Folding Ebike

Type of Bike: Mountain

Speed: 21 speed

Battery: 36v / 8 Ah

Brakes: Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Color: Black & Blue /  White & Blue

Cost: $699.99

Best Buy: Amazon

The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is one of many of the Ebike family that brings great riding pleasure to the cyclist. It is made to be sturdy using metal for its frame construction. It is capable of supporting weight a little over 300 lbs with a net weight of 60lbs.

The bike is beautifully designed and folds up for easy storage or transporting for vacations or small trips. The rest of the bike is built with the aluminum alloy such as the saddle pole, pedals, wheels, and handlebars.

It has a 21-speed Shimano transmission system for up heels and can travel 25 to 31 miles at a speed of up to and around 15 mph.

The braking system is made up of dual disc breaks which are needed for stopping when traveling at an accelerated rate of speed. It also has a 36v / 8Ah battery to support its 250-watt motor. The system will handle 25 miles or longer which will depend on if you are using the pedal assist that can increase it to up to 31 miles.

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The pedal assist mode is a three function mode of low, medium & high setting allowing you to get higher speeds while pedaling. You can use the meter device to put it on assist or none assist mode as you prefer it.

For safety, the Ancheer Folding Ebike is equipped with a headlamp and horn so that you can alert others around you of your presence.

My Rating

I rate the Ancheer Folding Ebike a 8 out of 10. It is a good Ebike but I took two away because of the low maximum speed which may not be a concern for some. Especially if you are buying it for a younger person. The other reason was that of the weight of 60lbs.

You will not be able to charge the battery without the bike as with some others you can detach the battery to charge it. On the other hand, the battery will charge in 4 to 6 hours which isn’t bad.

As far as purchasing this bike it does come with the option to have it assembled at home or store which is very good for those who don’t feel they can assemble it properly. This way there is no worry of doing it yourself and ensuring it is assembled correctly.

Below is a video of an Ancheer Ebike in action.


If you like this bike you can Click Here to purchase it for your pleasure.

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10 thoughts on “Ancheer Folding Ebike Review

  1. I was hypnotized watching the video. I have never used an electric bicycle, as I can see you can use it for 1 or two hours with a full charged battery at full speed. What happens when the battery dies? Can you still use the bicycle by pedaling?
    In my city, we have a huge space for riding bicycles and I would love to try an electric one sometime.

    • In fact, they are pedal assisted or you can just pedal it yourself. With the motor hub on the wheel you will feel some resistance but at least if the battery dies you can still get back home. But the good thing is that you can always tell where your charge is by the indicator. So if you run dead then guess who is the blame? I hope you get to try one. I have one and they are nice to ride.

  2. Love your post! I had never even known or heard of a bike with a motor on it. I am so glad I came across it today and learned something new! This is a really nice looking bike. Great Review. Thanks for sharing

    • No problem, Jessica. I have one myself and they are nice. If you want to start riding this a good way to start out if you are a beginner. It will allow you to work up to build up body strength.

  3. Hi Ronnie,
    Was looking for Ancheer Folding Ebike. I’ glad I ran into your site and also thanks for putting up this review.
    I’m a bike guy and love the features in the embedded short video. But not sure which one to buy.
    One thing I don’t like it is “You will not be able to charge the battery without the bike as with some others you can detach the battery to charge it.”
    I prefer the one that I can detach the battery to charge it. What types do you recommend?
    Please suggest. Definitely, try it out!

  4. Interesting post. I have never heard of this kind of bike. I like the pedal assist concept and the way the bike folds up. Cool bike!

    • Yeah, and they come without the fold up option as well. They will let you travel farther and pick up more speed with the pedal assist involved. It is a fun way to enjoy the weekend as well.

  5. Yeah, ebikes are really a trend. I see them a lot.
    For myself, I think I am still young and healthy and do not need it. But even then sometimes it is good to avoid sweating if you go to work 😉

    • Okay, I am going to say what an older gentleman told me when I was 25 and said that. He said just wait. You are going to wish that you did something to work your body as you aged when everything starts to start changing on you. Bike riding is a good way to work out certain muscles you wouldn’t by not riding one. Plus they are just a fun way to add some weekend activities in your life. Try getting with some friends and going riding to a favorite location in your city and hanging out one day. You will enjoy it young or old.

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