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Hello visitors, My name is Ronnie “Ron” Jordan and I have been trying to stay fit the majority of my life. I have jogged, weight lifted and played sports through my younger years. The keyword here is younger years.

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Unfortunately, they don’t last forever.

I thought it would be a great idea to share what I have done with keeping in shape while acknowledging the body isn’t what it was years ago. Workout adjustments are essential for the older skeleton compared to the younger skeleton.

I hope that some of what I touch on within this site will benefit many young and older people who want to get in shape and stay in shape throughout their lives.

Who I am and why I enjoy riding my bicycle…

I am 56 years old with a competitive nature. I can take any challenge and turn it into some sort of competition between myself and the task at hand. I remember in basketball practices if someone was fast it would motivate me to run harder and out run them. If they were bigger than me I tried to mix it up with them that much harder.

Riding a bicycle raises the same challenges in a sense because now I want to see if I can ride longer and improve my stamina as the distance increases. Another challenge is to knock off minutes on my regular daily commute route to and from work.

While doing this, I am getting and staying in shape with a low impact workout which is important when the  body starts to get up in age. For the young body, it helps preserve the joints  while the body is aging. More than anything it is also fun to do. If you enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the scenery then you can see what I mean.

I hope that my site will be encouraging to people and help motivate someone to maintain constant good health year after year. Please feel free to check in from time to time and hopefully each visit will be something that inspires and motivate you to keep on pedaling.

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Founder of Cycling For Fun
email. ron@cyclingforfunwithron.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good stuff Ronnie! Thanks for sharing. Like you, I ride now to maintain my health and to push myself. I’ve been riding my Trek 4300 seriously for 2+ years now, and can clip along at a respectable rate. I ride frequently on and off road, I just swap out the tires for the type of ride I decide on, trail or ashphalt. Three key elements in riding along with the things you addressed in your post, are hydration and safety. In conjunction with lighting and other safety precautions, it’s important to note a rider should carry a spare inner tube, and compact tool set in a saddle bag that fits under the seat of their bike for any unexpected flats. Believe me, they can happen. Also, stretching in preparation before and after, and staying hydrated during a ride, especially if pushing it, is critical to preventing cramping and injury. I enjoyed reading your post. God bless and keep pedaling. Peace out ?

    • You are are right. There is so many things that you might not mean much but they are key to being safe while we ride. Your body is like the engine on the bike so you have to keep it serviced as well. And it is always good to be ready for the unexpected. Good stuff Baltimore Jack thanks for your input. My readers will appreciate it I know I did.

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