Tools To Help Get In Shape


Getting in shape has become popular among men and women alike. Using sports helps with gaining the pleasure principle and creates results with getting in shape. Bike riding is right in there with all other activities because it offers great fun.  Getting in shape today comes with tools to help get in shape by monitoring […]

Cold Weather Riding Gear


  Adding Comfort Makes Riding In The Cold Bearable   No matter what type of weather you are riding in it is important to be comfortable as you ride. It is as important as it is to stay hydrated in the extreme heat. In cold weather, we want to protect our bodies because there are physical symptoms involved […]

When States Tax Cyclist


A bicycle tax? This is probably something that makes you go hum! But because taxation does lead to certain goals, the idea was inevitable because of the increase in cyclist. When states tax cyclist it is for some good reasons although to some it may seem strange. Taxes Have Their Reasons When you think about […]