Cities Are Responding To Cycling


Many cities are starting to realize that the biking community is on the rise. Many of them have started putting plans into their budgets to provide riding lanes throughout the city. This opens up more ways to enjoy bike riding in your respective areas. We are seeing an increase in cyclist because cities are responding to cycling. […]

How To Tandem Bike Ride


I wanted to cover tandem bike riding for those who have never ridden on a tandem bike before or for those who have one and have not had a chance to break it in. In fact, this could be a good goal to accomplish this summer while adding some spice to your summer activities. If you […]

Tommaso Imola Black Friday – Best Black Friday Bicycle Deal


It’s that time of year where everyone is looking for a great deal on bikes. But a great deal isn’t anything unless it is backed by a great quality product. The Tommaso Imola bike is both a great deal accompanied by a great quality product that has its perks. Lightweight Frame Shimano Claris Shifters, Derailleurs […]

Bike Routes Are Popular


Bike routes are becoming very popular and they are experiencing more riders as well. Many people are starting to add cycling to their recreational activities and many cities are starting to recognize it. Most cities have nice and attractive areas in which can make bike routes a popular attraction. Advantages of Bike Routes There are […]

Women Cycling Gift


This summer would be a great time to surprise your lady friend or loved one with a gift of fun & health. It doesn’t have to be a birthday, anniversary or special occasion at all. Let’s just surprise her just because. we have dazzled them with all kinds of gifts but now let’s give them a […]